Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hither and Thither: some general words

Every week when I come to post HT, I wish I had done this post, so I could just link to it. I will probably have to revise, because I'm hurried. But better imperfectly started than perfectly intended!

So, as to every HT:
  1. I generally post it in the morning, but expect possibly updates up until noon, Pacific Texas Time, of that day.
  2. Most of the pictures are ensmallened; click on them to embiggen them.
  3. A lot of people send suggestions, and I appreciate every last one of them, as I regularly express in the items. Please keep it up!
  4. I do not, however, always respond to each suggestion, and I don't end up using every one I'm sent. Never take it personally! If I don't use this week's suggestion, send another next week. I pick a bit more broadly than just my tastes, but since the blog is primarily about what's interesting to me, tastes will differ. It's a good thing!
  5. I credit all sources, by including your name bolded in parentheses after the item. Like this: "...with Legos and bacon. (thx Bob Varfmann)" or even just "(Bob Varfmann)."
  6. Please do not use the comments of one Hither and Thither to suggest items I've missed. Instead, email them to me, and I may either use them that day before noon, or the next week. My email's easy to find; just click on My complete profile in the sidebar, and there I am.


Robert said...

Thanks for doing H&T...believe it or not it actually keeps me in touch with many of the goings on in the world that I'm not keeping up with. Plus the pictures are always a nice touch to the end of the week.

Sonja said...

Dan, I think you should use a graphic of a guy from the middle ages wearing a blue dress heralding an H&T trumpet.

Friday mornings when having my first sip of coffee I think "Oh goody! Hither and Thither Day!" And much to read over the weekend. Greatly appreciated. :)

Chris said... this a fancy way of saying I shouldn't expect to find the links I sent this week posted?? I'm taking this very, very personal, sir. What kind of a system is this anyhow??? No, not really. Just kidding. (c: H&T's are fun all around every week--fun to read and fun to contribute. You always weave together a great tapestry of stuff! But hey, that graphic you used here of the guy in that blue dress is a bit creepy, I must say. 0^:

VcdeChagn said...

Friday mornings when having my first sip of coffee I think "Oh goody! Hither and Thither Day!" And much to read over the weekend. Greatly appreciated.

So do I...

it's even better when, at the end of the day after someone has done something boneheaded like take down your enterprise Citrix license server (serving over 3000 users every day!) on Friday by pulling a network cable and you realize after work....I haven't read hither and thither yet! (not that it has ever happened to me, mind you).

Thanks for doing it is highly appreciated EVERY week, even if I don't comment every week.

Word verification: facts

Death or Glory Toad said...

Needs more traps. Cause it's better when its a...

Aaron said...

Oh, I don't expect you to respond to every suggest. I mean that's just silly. I just expect you to respond to mine. And what will I do if I can't complain about stuff you don't put on your blog. I need something to complain about.


DJP said...

Well, that's fair.