Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Facebook, Twitter, hash tags, and WTG

I am about to dive back into training a new guy at work, which makes blogging hard to access. Before I do, I offer this to the brain trust.

First, just an invitation. I notice a number of my beloved readers aren't Facebook friends (not even close to figuring out Google+ yet) or Twitter followers. So I invite you: Friend or follow me — or both! — and join the party in progress. It isn't mandatory, but it is encouraged and encouraging, and I love the company.

Second, the smarter-than-I's have suggested that I adopt a hash-tag for The World-Tilting Gospel, so that tweets on that subject will go viral and take over the world before the robots do, or something like that.

So on that subject, I tweeted this:

Moving Dave Miller to reply:

To which that inimitable force of nature, Frank Turk, responded:

This was seconded:

While Daniel Abbey replied:

While one of my suggestions has been echoed twice:
So, weigh in. Which hash should it be? I suppose if we had fifteen or sixteen, we could tilt the world by surrounding it. But it makes sense to focus our efforts. And Frank's, while... colorful, don't leave room to say much more than "Eep!"



Robert said...

What about TWTG? Is that one gone, too?

Fred Butler said...

I do find the "Dan Phillips is the Chuck Norris of Gospel Centered Awesome" to be pretty cool, though.

DJP said...

There are two Tweets using #TWTG, just a few days old, but I don't know for what. They could be overwhelmed by us, I suppose; I'm openminded.

JackW said...

I quoted from your book on Facebook just to show that your book is quotable.

How about WorldGospel

DJP said...

The quotation you picked dovetails with tomorrow's planned Pyro post. In Charismatic circles, it'd be rounded-up as a prophecy!


Scot said...

I have a few suggestions:

For (gentle) fun:
#NowFrankTurkWillVisitMyBlogBecauseI'mFamous ; #PhilWho?

To pose rhetorical questions:
#HasYourWorldBeenTilted? ; #WhyIsYourWorldUpsideDown?

Sticking with the Chuck Norris theme (and hash tag only tweets):
#IHaveAGoateeAndKnowKarateJustLikeChuckNorrisSoBuyMyBook ; #ChuckNorrisWouldHaveHisWorldTiltedByWorldTiltingGospel

To "mix it up"
#theTonePoliceWillTryToSilenceMyBookFightTheMan ;

Chris Anderson said...

I like #TWTG best. Take it over.

Don't start with #WT, IMO.

If you do more than letters, how about #Tilt ?

Reminds me of pinball. Which makes me old.

Casey said...

Here's another vote for #TWTG.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

I'm. So. Twitter. Ignorant. I told Frank Turk that if I could be shown how using it would make me a better housewife and mother, I'd start using it.

But the emergent-books-for-breakfast one had me bubbling over with laughter.

Aaron said...

Ok, my brain hurts. When you figure out what hash tag you want to use, get back to me.

Anonymous said...

Would TILTED work in italics?

Stefan Ewing said...

I'm with Aaron.

And what is this newfangled Tweet-er thing people keep talking about?

(Just kidding.)

You're positively giddy these days, brother Dan! Praise God for seasons of plentiful harvest in our lives.

As amusing as all these tags are, why not just #WTGospel?

Paula Bolyard said...

Proceed with caution. Some funny business going on with Twitter shutting down conservative organizations' Twitter feeds this week. Just read about it on Red State.

Maybe you could add #ObamaneedsWTGospel ??? Just having Obama in the hashtag might be enough to throw 'em off the scent.

It would be cool if you could add a map widget to your blog so people could report where your book has "landed."

Anonymous said...

Challis may never review your book, but I'm going to...and without a free copy :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ooooo! The UPS man just brought me a present... Actual paper copy in hand, 7pm, 7-21-11 :D