Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Music: "Mr. Sandman" by Pomplamoose

We enjoyed their take on "Beat It" and "Favorite Things." Here they are with a smooth, fun "Mr. Sandman."

Now, the song actually ends at about 2:10, the rest is the usual random stuff. It's actually kind of cute... but don't feel obliged. That material will not be on the test.


Brad Williams said...

I love these two. They crack me up. I wish I could have been at the showing at 10 o'claunk.

Also, I have a craving for bananas.

Fred Butler said...

The vocals were awesome. I'm assuming the gal is not lip-syncing the song?

The opening portions of the video are seizure inducing. In case anyone happens to be susceptible.

Magister Stevenson said...

I do not get the fascination. My eyes hurt from the constant cuts in video.
Please, more Nirvana cover bands!

Susan said...

The lead singer's voice is perfect for this song! (And did I hear something about Liberace's hair in the song lyrics? Anything Liberace gives me goose bumps--the bad kind....)