Friday, November 18, 2011

Hither and thither 11/18/11

This week, we open with this karate thought: if do right, no can defense:

  • From cats to dogs. Here's how you make a baby stop crying: first, take one Siberian husky...
  • Goodness. We Phillipses love our cats, but there is such a thing as Going Too Far. Reader MizzHarpy may have found it: the Cat Galaxy web site has radio programming just for cats. She heard soft music and, well, purring; I heard George Michael and Jefferson Starship... and, like her, I bailed.
  • In nice follow-up to yesterday's post on the disappointing Wallis-Mohler debate, Andy Naselli today reviews what sounds like a good book on capitalism. Though the theological needed greater preeminence, this book (titled Money, Greed and God) sounds like it contains some myth-busting that would have been very helpful at that public chat.
  • Julie notes that Californians may be about to receive a Japanese import they hadn't ordered.
  • Gil Sebenste, as a BibChr Public Service, offers our yowwens the opportunity to hear eleven sounds they may never have heard.
  • In our ongoing Search for the Perfect Food, I bring you... Nutella-stuffed Twinkies!
  • DAOD would add (and Dear Wife would second) that, to be perfect, it has to be the actual Nutella sold in England, and not the American version — though they've never been known to say "No" to it, either.
  • But wait! This week there are two competitors for that title. Thanks to Sonja, brothers and sisters, I bring you three wonderful, delicious words: bacon peanut brittle!
  • Okay, three: bacon and cheese-wrapped apple pie!
  • Yeah, I know. That's not an iPhone.
  • Chris Carney points us to a story fraught with bitter irony. Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral is to be sold, for financial reasons... to the Roman Catholic Church. Thus the monument to the man who said we need a new reformation to a theology of self esteem passes the building from the preaching of one false gospel to the preaching of another. Think that's harsh? Here's Schuller's daughter, "I'm really pleased to know that this campus is likely for at least decades, if not centuries, to be kept as a sacred place of worship." If she thinks that what Roman Catholics do is "sacred...worship," judged by Gospel standards, she's in a seriously bad place.
  • If you don't follow me on Twitter, you may have missed this one: "Dems have 3 tricks: (1) Take liberty to do good; (2) create liberty to do evil; (3) confiscate working people's $, to perpetuate #1 and #2."
  • Also this one: "If 'social justice' = executing murderers, compelling restitution from thieves, enforcing border laws, enabling wealth-creation, I'm for it!"
  • And this one: "Activist fallacy: (1) Something must be done! (2) This is something. (3) Therefore, this must be done!"
  • And, finally, this one, slightly cleaned up: "Preterism: taking one prophetic word woodenly literally as an excuse not to take any other prophetic words at all literally."
  • On which subject, Fred Butler put up some debate-type presentations relating to the date of Revelation.
  • Barbara made a good catch: turns out candidate Herman Cain is a big-time Leaky Canoneer. Who knew? No reporter will ask him the questions I'd ask him on that one, I think. For this, he should be thankful.
  • Doctor-to-be Andy Dollahite found us some photos that show beauty and intricacy at a microscopic level.
  • Fred Butler brings us this cheery Yep, We're All Going To Die Horrible Deaths alert:
  • ...especially those of us who work in IT, and occasionally travel!
  • From time to time we take a poke at the Republican candidates for president. I haven't said much about Newt Gingrich beyond surly dismissal, I think. Here's an interesting back-to-back.
  • C. Edmund Wright of The American Thinker thinks that Newt's surge will continue, because Newt's so darned smart and articulate. Which he is.
  • On the other hand, that dainty wallflower Ann Coulter — no RINO she — delivers herself of this broadside: "In addition to having an affair in the middle of Clinton's impeachment; apologizing to Jesse Jackson on behalf of J.C. Watts -- one of two black Republicans then in Congress –- for having criticized 'poverty pimps,' and then inviting Jackson to a State of the Union address; cutting a global warming commercial with Nancy Pelosi; supporting George Soros' candidate Dede Scozzafava in a congressional special election; appearing in public with the Rev. Al Sharpton to promote nonspecific education reform; and calling Paul Ryan's plan to save Social Security 'right-wing social engineering,' we found out this week that Gingrich was a recipient of Freddie Mac political money." That is going to leave a mark
  • One more interesting note on the primary: Herman Cain alone, of all the candidates, is about to receive Secret Service protection. I infer that this hints at credible threats against him, which is wretchedly bad to hear.
  • Sort of relatedly: the wretch who is accused of firing at the White House reportedly has had association with Wallis' beloved Occupy movement. Hear much of that on the news? Remember, by contrast, how the media ran with attempts to fabricate associations between murderer Jared Loughner with everyone from the Tea Party to Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh? Can you imagine what we'd be hearing if this nutcase had any such assocations? But since MSM/Obama like the Occupy movement, and hope it will offset the Tea Party, expect radio silence or something like it.
  • Interesting: just before this happened, I had especially prayed for the President's safety. And let me remind all my readers: oppose Obama's policy, oppose his ideology, but pray for his and his family's safety and conversion (as I've said previously here and here, at least).
  • On the subject of "global warming"...
  •'s an ONOES! those Backwards Americans! update. Seems that one episode of a new David Attenborough series preaches a long sermon on manmade climate change; and it seems that America (and 9 other unmentioned countries) said "No, thanks; some American's don't buy that" on that one episode.
  • Do you like lightning, Northern Lights, and such. Kerry Garrett found us a view from an angle you've probably never seen.
  • Wellsir, not to brag, but I do believe that's another Hither and Thither in the pocket.
  • Leaving only these.



Paula Bolyard said...

The Siberian Husky caused Toby Bruno, the big yellow dog, to rouse himself from a sound sleep, walk all the way across the room, and sniff my laptop. He then cocked his head and barked at some unknown threat in the air. The dachshund barely lifted his head off the pillow, yawned and let out a halfhearted growl. I'm confident if we were attacked by a rogue husky trying to rob us, our home would be protected.

Sorry to burst your bubble DJP, but Ann Coulter is too a RINO! Despite her frequent shots at gays, she regularly cavorts with GOPROUD and was a featured guest at their "Big Gay Party" at CPAC earlier this year (along with Andrew Breitbart). She also relentlessly pushed Chris Christie (a RINO) to run for president and is now saying that social conservatives should suck it up and deal with the fact that Romney is the only Republican who can beat Obama. After famously not supporting John McCain as the GOP nominee because he was too liberal.

I'm convinced that Coulter is only out for Coulter. She says controversial things that get her face on TV and sell her books. I don't take anything she says seriously anymore.

Pierre Saikaley said...

I simply note that it's a tuxedo cat who's got moves!

In my martial arts days I actually thought I could mimic the the stealth and lightning speed attacks of a cat....DIDN'T. PAN. OUT.

We actually have a channel on tv that displays only an aquarium. My cats love it.

Anne Coulter. I think Paula's right. Women "know".

Liverpool. My city too, just offically sanctioned a Gay Village in it's centertown core. This menace isn't going away.

iPhone. That's probably the next version.

Occupy. 'nuf said. THIS is funny with a vengeance.

G'd weekend folks.

Kris N. said...

I never say no to Nutella!

And the phone-spider thingy? I had to scroll down quickly, because it creeped me out. I'm like Ron Wesasley, spiders scare me.

Great H-T!

Chris H said...

Tim Tebow is the sort of person I hope and pray I'll become. He is focussed, dedicated, driven... and he's not just "not ashamed" of the Gospel, the brother is all-out excited by it.

I've been a fan of his for year and years, wish him absolutely nothing but success in the NFL, and grateful to a gracious God that Tim has been so faithful thus far. Please continue to pray for him, as there is nothing society likes more than to tear down the finest example of Christianity.

If I had a daughter, I'd make them get married, even if Tebow was a pauper.

Paula Bolyard said...

Dropping back in for the updates. Interesting juxtaposition between the Crystal Cathedral's "reformation" heading the direction of Rome and Newt's reformation being credited to Rome (both his reformation from being a serial adulterer and a Southern Baptist).

Marla said...

The visuals were extra good today, especially "Location of your waiter" and "person in line in front of you".
I think the line pie-graph is missing one though: using food stamps and paying for each item individually (while using a designer purse and blue-tooth device in their ear.)
I can only hope said people show the same patience that is expected of the rest of us waiting for them when they have to wait.

Dorothy said...

I like the cat. The phone-to-spider left me a bit wary of picking up my phone. Pie charts are always a good thing.

Tony said...

According to the Associated Press arictle, the Crystal Cathedral is "the famous building designed by renowned architect Philip Johnson."

First, he takes on Darwin. He heads up all things Johnny Mac, starts a world-class blog, and now we find out he's an architect. When does he sleep?

threegirldad said...

Here's how you make a baby stop crying: first, take one Siberian husky...

And if that doesn't work, you can always queue up Notorious B.I.G.'s famous lullaby, "Hypnotize."

[blinks...shakes head]

It occurs to me that my barely teenage daughters probably haven't heard most (if any) of those eleven sounds. I'll have to show them that site.

You mean to say that I've been eating "fake" Nutella all these years?! [forehead slap] So, where does one buy the real stuff???

As a microbiologist, my wife will love those Olympus BioScapes pics (not that I don't love them, but she'll appreciate them in a way I can't, I imagine). Breathtaking...

Mizz Harpy said...

Nice list.

I miss the sound of the manual typewriter especially the *ding* at the end of each line but I don't miss changing pages or trying to measure out space for footnotes.

Sonja said...

Sigh, I'm so weary of the Occupy people. The mayor of my city apologized to them the other day for the pepper spray the police used to clear them out of the major intersection they were blocking during rush hour. Anyway, my reading plan today included Acts 19 and these folk's ancestors must have been citizens of Ephesus:

32 Now some cried out one thing, some another, for the assembly was in confusion, and most of them did not know why they had come togther.

Yep, that's the occupiers.

Wendy said...

Thankfully, my son has heard most of those sounds due to some relative's (and maybe my own) odd obsessions. I would rather work on a typewriter than a computer any day. I was actually happy that typewriters were still in regular use at my last job.

Anyways, our new cat, Mr. Formerly-Stray, is a tuxedo that has some similar moves and some moderate aggression issues. Maybe that music station would help relax him :)

The first time I tried nutella was when I was living The Netherlands. Doesn't hold a candle to the American stuff. Just like Walker's Shortbread - the stuff from the grocery store isn't the real shortbread; you have to look on the back under ingredients. If it says "30% butter", then it's real, but I've only been able to find it once.

Aaron said...


At least when they make a village, the rest of us can know where not to go. BTW, I can't get your link to work.

@Sonja: As I tell my friends, the Occupy movement is firsthand evidence that evolution is not true.

Pierre Saikaley said...

@ Sir Aaron:

Let me try this again.

Occupy. 'Nuf said. But-THIS is funny.

Aaron said...


unfortunately, I am in the 22%.

Susan said...

Just wanted to say that the B-52s are on the Cat Galaxy radio right now...

(What do they expect the cats to do, anyway? Is there some sort of subliminal messaging in high frequency that only cats can hear, like, "BOGO Cat Chow for a limited time only"??)

Susan said...

Wendy--I think you can buy Walker's Shortbread from Costco. I did some years ago, but I don't know if they still have it.