Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pat Robertson! That thing you do with your mouth! STO-O-O-O-OP!

Pat Robertson can't seem to help himself. (Does he even try?)

I am far from a Limbaugh apologist. But it seems to me reasonable that, if you're going to say something that hundreds of thousands of people will hear, and that many will quote and cite and use... you ought to have some vague idea of what you're talking about. This consideration has, sadly, never slowed Robertson, no matter what he's operating his orifice about.

In this case, Limbaugh was very clear and concise: he had studied and understood Obama's politics, and he wants none of Obama's liberal, totalitarian, socialist plots to succeed.

To which I say a hearty "Amen."

As I tried to work out at some length, there is nothing particularly Christian about going Kent Brockman and welcoming our new totalitarian overlords. Far from it. I think the American Christian who tries to craft his worldview Biblically is obliged to speak out against much (if not all) of Obama's policies.

Suppose CNN were to ask me if I hope Obama succeeds? I'd say, "Succeeds in what?" Do I hope he succeeds in turning back 30 years of pro-life progress? Do I hope his bloody pogrom against unborn "punishments" succeeds? Do I hope he succeeds in punishing the hard-working and productive who keep their commitments, robbing them of freedom, and forcing them to reward and subsidize the indolent and feckless? Do I hope he succeeds in weakening our defenses? Do I hope he succeeds in emboldening our enemies?

That would be a "No."

I not only hope that Obama fails in those things, I hope that he fails so miserably that, for 50 years, anytime someone proposes a socialistic, liberal, totalitarian policy, the immediate response is to groan, "Oh, you mean like Obama tried?" — and that that is the end of it.

Pray for Obama's safety. Pray for his conversion and growth in Christ.

And pray that his totalitarian, anti-freedom, and anti-child, anti-freedom plots fail spectacularly.


Kay said...

I saw the headline and thought 'Oh no, what's he said now?' Ant and I saw something on the 700 Club the other week, where Pat Robertson gave out some advice, and it was really sensible. We both said, at the same time, 'A stopped clock is right twice a day'.

BTW, is there any way you can stop that embedded video playing whenever I load the page? I keep hearing a stern American voice telling me congress has just spent all my money, and thinking 'I haven't got any, Gordon Brown already spent it...'

NoLongerBlind said...

Wow--it's truly an amazing moment when you are suddenly brought face to face with the realization that you are culturally out of it.....

Prior to this post, I had never heard of Kent Brockman.

Thanks for enlightening me Dan!

JackW said...

Taking Rush out of context is the new media sport now that Bush and Palin are out of sight and almost out of mind. In the mean time, no scrutiny is applied to the outright untruths propagated daily by those placed over us? I hope third party voters are still feeling good over saving their principles.

DJP said...

Ah, NLB, if only more people knew the many uses and services of this humble little blog.

Tell a friend.

Gilbert said...

Going from Pat Robertson to Barack Obama to Rush Limbaugh to Kent Brockman to communism and back.
All from a Biblical perspective.

That thing you do with your fingers! Yessssssss!

(BTW, I would pay serious money to get into the studio taping of Phil, Danand Frank on a "special edition of the 700 Club". They wouldn't have to use the fake applause recording during that episode...)

The Squirrel said...

Phil, Dan & Cent on The 700 Club ... Oh, please! Oh, please! Oh, please!

And then, "Tonight, on Larry King..."

DJP said...

Now, that's entertainment.

So far, no venue has hosted the three of us sitting. together. At the Founder's Conference a couple of years ago we spoke, but weren't sitting together. We were all present at the Band of Bloggers at T4G, but only Phil had been asked at the last moment to be on the panel.

DJP said...

You know, the best think about this post is going to the Comments page and seeing Libbie and her beautiful daughter's picture under the title, as if they were shouting it out together. The pairing is perfect.

Aaron said...

Has Robertson always been this bad, or is it just recently? His comments on Chavez were unwise at best. One of the missionary families my church supports was just able to reenter and resume their ministry last month. Then he threw his support behind Juilani, which made me feel like I had just stuck my finger in a light socket. And now this?

DJP said...

Search his name on this blog. This isn't his first misfire.

Carol Jean said...

The link about Bobby Jindal's "Come-to-Jesus" experience caught my eye on the same page as the Pat Robertson story.

I began reading the Bible to disprove the Christian faith I was learning both to admire and despise. I cannot begin to describe my feelings when I first read the New Testament texts. I saw myself in many of the parables and felt as if the Bible had been written especially for me....It would require many hours of discussion with a pastor before I was ready to take that leap of faith and accept Christ into my life. It would take another two years for me to be baptized into the Catholic Church. My parents were infuriated by my conversion and have yet fully to forgive me.

I don't know much about Jindal, but it sound like his is a fascinating story. Dan, sorry to hijack your thread - Robertson is just so DEPRESSING!

Rachael Starke said...

Not to be all logicky about this, but:

If Pat Roberston is a total loon,

And Pat Roberston says hoping Pres. Obama fails is a terrbile thing to say,

Then isn't that position itsself loony?

DJP said...



Solameanie said...

Now if we could just get Jindal out of Rome . . .

As for Pat Robertson, forcible retirement comes to mind. Maybe he and Harold Camping can co-host a talk show.

DJP said...

Oh my gosh, what an image. (Insert Libbie's picture here.)

Mixed Nuts

Anonymous said...

I thought Pat Robertson was running the special forces.

Didn't he order a hit on a certain South American leader?

MJ said...
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SolaMommy said...

Mixed Nuts

Good one! :-D

Susan said...

I like GeezerThon.

Gilbert said...

"You know, the best think about this post is going to the Comments page and seeing Libbie and her beautiful daughter's picture under the title, as if they were shouting it out together. The pairing is perfect."

Maybe they just got done watching an episode of the 700 Club.

I once flipped by his show to hear him answer a question of...if a loved one crashed and was burned to ashes in a plane crash and was a believer, could God still get him to heaven with a new body?
Or something weird like that. And then Pat said no, because if the body is burned too badly, God essentially couln't regenerate it.

I pretty much had Libbie and her daughters reaction with my mouth hung open.

"All comments must be approved by the blog author."

Does this mean I have to give you $700 now?

Dan B. said...

I went to the school he founded and I had to respond to questions when I was looking for jobs a few years ago (Chavez comment); there are times I wish he would follow the proverb, "Never miss a chance to keep your mouth shut."