Friday, November 25, 2011

Hither and thither 11/25/11

Historically, Thanksgiving Day and the next are relatively low-traffic days. Y'all are doing things like, I don't know, having a life-off-the-Intrawebs, or something.

So I'm putting out a pretty small HT for starters, for the twelve hardcores who are looking for it. Do check back up until noon, however. I do plan to be adding. [Update: already did, before you even woke up!]

I trust all your guests got enough to eat yesterday on Thanksgiving.

  • By the way, wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our own beloved Fred Butler.
  • From Squirrel: angry legobirds.
  • Aw, c'mon, honey. Smile. There, that's it.
  • I think one of the messages BibChr readers would like to convey to Congress is... we're watching you.
  • Parting thoughts:



Wendy said...

Friday just isn't Friday unless it's been hither and thither.

Thanks for taking the time!!
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Rachael Starke said...

What is it about "kid does awesome brave thing for Mom" stories that just gets me?

Glad to add a little negativity to all the relentless happyhappyjoyjoy of the season....

Must not get distracted by all the link goodness when Dad's taken the kids fishing, and I have precisely nine hours left to get all my Christmas shopping done...

DJP said...

Oh, he did? That's terrific. Where would "fishing" be, and for what, in your neck of the woods?

Rachael Starke said...

Um, all I heard was "I'll take the kids fishing and you can have a quiet day to prep for Christmas". For all I know, they're at Chuck E. Cheese playing videogames.....

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Christmas shopping? Today? Are you out of your ever-lovin' mind? I'm avoiding the shopping maul. *shudder*

No, we're staying home doing holiday math.

Pumpkin circumference divided by pumpkin diameter equals...

Yes. It's Pumpkin Pi.

Thanks for all the linky fun!


Sonja said...

A bat? That's some awesome casting skillz! So what happened when you discovered what latched onto the fly?

Bats .... *runningawayfast*

Thanks for H&T! It makes up for the whipped cream I forgot to buy.

Anonymous said...

Ordered your Proverbs book. We read the Proverbs to the kids and discuss probably once a year or so. Have never read any books about Proverbs, so I'm really excited to see what I get! Putting World Tilting Gospel on my wish list.

Paula Bolyard said...

The mom whose boys floured the living room was way too calm. There was just something odd about the whole scene. Almost like it was staged. But who would do that, right? Of course I read recently that the family with the "Charlie bit my finger" video on YouTube has made over $150K in ad revenues, so I guess you never know. Not that I'm cynical or anything :)

I'm so disappointed that the Google. Several of the other ones did, though...very cool!

The Squirrel said...

Turducken is so old school, Dan's readers deserve-crave-demand TurBaconDucken!

Mrs Squirrel & I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


DJP said...

Sonja, I can still see it vividly in my mind's eye, though the memory is literally probably 40+ years old. I was out in a boat on a lake at late dusk. Fishing with dry flies, I'd laid down my cast, and was visually following the line to the end to see where the fly rested, so I could set the hook on any strike. Out, the line went on the lake's surface... out, out... then up! Huh?

And there at the end was this bat fluttering, like a dirty handkerchief in the wind.

"No," I said. "No, nonononono..." and began wiggling the rod.

Thankfully, it let go before I'd reeled in.

Pierre Saikaley said...

That Rachael Starke...sooo negative!

Happy Birthday Fred Butler! Best wishes.

It's a good thing Dan is mentioning Kress, because, you know, Challies isn't. He didn't even include Kress in his list of Black Friday publishers.

DJP said...

Hunh, odd. Anyone ask him why not, over there?

Pierre Saikaley said...

He's updating. So I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Besides, I made mention-over there.

DJP said...

Thanks. Let me know if you notice anything.

tobekiwi said... I one of the twelve? Looks like the ladies are outnumbering the men, too?
The downhill racer is a brave man. He zoomed past those signs "I wonder what the signs say?" I was wondering that too. Didn't look like there was much holding the folks on those lil things.
Flour kids, oh my, what a mess. Loved the happy ending to the fishing tale, too. Might be a small H&T, but still chockfull-o-goodness- thank you!
Before I forget, I'm a little more than halfway through GWIP. It's really good, not a fast read (at least I'm not), lots of food for thought, and one of those books I'll definitely be reading more than once.

DJP said...

Thanks! And thanks for buying and reading, glad it's being helpful. And yeah, it's definitely not the same experience as reading TWTG.

Maybe future generations of profs will use the two very different books, released the same year and written by the same author, to explode liberals who say Paul "could not have written" this or that epistle, because they different from epistles they think he did write.

Or, you know, maybe not.


Sonja said...

Dan, I can see how that image would be forever etched in your brain! Bats are fascinating creatures with the echolocation thing and massive bug eating capacity. But they sure are creepy. *shiver*

I've seen grown men scream like little girls. :)

One of the best fishing stories evah!

DJP said...

Not that I am at all above the occasional yelp, my recollection is that it was more of a slack-jawed stream of murmur: nononononono... getoff getoff getoff getoff...


Robert Warren said...

Re: Kitten Covers

I guess Cat Stevens would have been too easy. Although I did notice that one of my relatively obscure favorites, Kate Bush, was parodied.

Wendy said...

Bats are beyond creepy; it makes me wonder why God allows circumstances to happen that I'm sure He knows will give you a strong aversion to one of his (unfortunate) creations (like being pee'd on, for instance).

Fishing, on the other hand, sounds lovely right now.

Susan said...

Fishing deers--cool.

Fishing bats--ewwww. (What can I say? They're flying rodents.)

And I just looooove that last Newt/Mitt cartoon. That Agatha Christie novel is just one of my all-time favorites! ("Didn't you die in chapter 1?" Haha!) :D

Solameanie said...

I can't say I've ever caught a bat fishing, but I did shoot one out of the sky with a bottle rocket once. It was amazing.