Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday music: "Jump for Joy," Chicago covers Duke Ellington

On a TV tribute to Duke Ellington in the 70s (the clothes would have dated it for you if I hadn't), Chicago put their own distinctive touch on Ellington's "Jump for Joy."

For reference, here's the version by the Duke Ellington Orchestra:


David Regier said...

Those are the outfits you need for the next Pyro gathering.

Interesting how little room there is in modern music for improvisation. Of course, that would mean getting actual people in a room to play together often. And given the technology, that just doesn't happen very often anymore.

Alice said...

I love Chicago:)

DJP said...

There y'go!

Had you ever seen or known of this clip?

Alice said...

No, I hadn't, but I really enjoyed it.

Was that Peter Cetera on the bass?
soooooo groovy:)

I am now thinking that I may have to replace some of my old Chicago tapes for Christmas.

DJP said...

Yes ma'am, that is the original configuration, plus and minus no one. The amazing Terry Kath on guitar, and no Laudir de Oliveira on congos or whatever.