Friday, December 30, 2011

Hither and thither 12/30/11

I wish I had a rafter of deep thoughts for this year-end edition of Hither and Thither, but I don't. Okay, I do have a few, but they're self-censored. Dang that trying-to-be-mature thingie.

But I will say: I so appreciate all of you reading, commenting, loaning your time and attention. And your tips! I don't take a bit of it for granted. Thanks!

And now, enjoy.
  • Giving new meaning to "Here, kitty kitty":
  • On which subject...
  • With the grilling the MSM have been giving all the GOP candidates on a wide variety of red-hot (and not-so-hot) issues... won't it be something when they begin doing the same thing for the first time to the other candidate for the presidency, that Obama feller? Yessiree, that's really going to be something, innit? Yep yep yep, any day now. Beginning to hold breath in 3... 2...
  • Late (or very early?) for Christmas, Phil Johnson found an extra-cool, quirky list of geeky gifts.
  • Perfect food?
  • Susan points us to a bacon-jam recipe that the author rhapsodizes is "core-shakingly good."
  • Amongst the many, many literary categories that are Out There (in both senses of the phrase), did you know that there was such a thing as Mormon horror? Yeah, me neither. The imagination staggers. Like, what... an eight-headed coffee-spewing monster? someone who actually knows his Bible answering the doorbell and being willing to talk only about the Gospel?
  • Among the things you have to say about this blog: we've never really been caught up in Kim Kardiashian mania.
  • And these lovely parting gifs:



Pierre Saikaley said...

Speaking of Boxing Day...I heard the reports of stabbings, pepper spraying, and general mahem that ensue in American shops, and supposedly up here was lost on us, (you know:'cuz we're nice Canadians, and so polite). But as it happens, y'alls bad behavior rubbed off on us, and bad company corrupted our good consumeristic morals and mayhem ensued up here too! (Links available upon request)

Christian eisgesis. Yeah, I do it. Well, it's more of biblical evaluation of themes. I'm becoming more and more aware of the sometimes subtle and somtimes not so subtle anti-Christianism of Hollywood. I simply note that many TV/Movie shows depict biblicistic Christians as crazy, socipathic, axe-murderers, or hyocrticial, homophobic, uneducated hicks.

Take DEXTER for example. It's the 2nd time at least that the main bad guy was some sort of Christian-oriented character. John Lithgow played a deacon who was sqeeky clean by day, and violent muderer behind the scenes.

I'm only following the Republican candidate thingy marginally. It makes my head spin. But what makes my head spin more is Anderson Cooper who relishes every opportunity (seemingly limitless in his case) to scrutinize and hit-piece the GOP people as much as possible.

It's been a banner year for Daniel J. Phillips with the release of two outstanding books, (one of which I own) and of course the myriad interviews, the upkeep of this forum where I, coincidentally, try just to be coherent when I do write.

Thanks Dan for your best to us, and Happy New Year to you , family, all my peeps here! God Bless

Scot said...

Christian eisegises usually makes my skin crawl, usually because it makes the main character did something selfless and that becomes, "that's Jesus!"

Thank you thank you thank you for introducding me to Mormon horror. It just looks too good to pass up. In fact I invented a new genre while sitting on a plane. "Mormon suspense" will involve a man seeking revenge after his sister was passed up for Celestial Heaven but not being taken as the Elders' 2,481st wife. He travels back in time to the 19th century to steal the gold plates from Moroni before he can give them to Smith. Rated PG for women wearing pants.

VcdeChagn said...

Really enjoyed the geek gifts. Especially the GÖMBÖC.

Nice how turtles just "evolved" into that shape!

And after the banana gun...I have ring, ring, ring, ring, ring bananaphone going through my head.

Thanks for that.

Here's to hoping everyone has a blessed new year!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Bananaphone! Had that on a kids' CD too.

Love the musical dog - what an expressive face.

Imagine all the eons of those crafty turtles, "learning" how to grow their shells into the shape of the Gomboc. *eyes roll* I think I like the gallium even better. We already have some of the microbes... chicken pox is kind of cute, as is the common cold. MRSA came with a super-hero cape. (I know, I know... geeky homeschoolers.)

And the miracle berries... what do they do to broccoli? Why, the potential here is clearly unrealized. This could be a boon for parents of picky eaters. Slip the kids some miracle berries right before Granny whips out her cauliflower casserole! Everybody is happy!

The Blainemonster said...

That first animated gift HAD to be inspired by the little dog in Hitchcock's Rear Window that was raised and lowered in a basket from his owner's apartment. Couldn't find a video clip doggone it...

Aaron said...


People want their Jordans! And they want them now and are willing to trample others to get them now. Proof again that evolution cannot be true.

@everyone else:

Happy New Year! I look forward to "chatting" with all of Dan's readers in 2012! May the Lord bless you all in the new year.

Mizz Harpy said...

Ringringring Banana phone *BADGER*BADGER*BADGER*

Read a movie review posted at Christianity Today back to back with a review of the same movie posted at the New York Times if you want a good laugh over movie eisegesis .

*Sigh* I wish I could convince my SIL to yank my niece out of Girl Scouts.

I want the ferrofluid.

Happy New Year to all!

DJP said...

LOL, Mizz H - you do appreciate the finer things!

The Blainemonster said...

DOH! Animated GIF, not "gift" (see my comment above). Autocorrect is such a know-it-all...

Marla said...

Totally love the geeky gifts -- HG hit the nail on the head with the miracle berries! Maybe I'll get some for the picky eaters around here...

As for the eisgesis, all good stories seem to incorporate elements of THE GREATEST STORY in them.
My husband and I discuss this from time to time; is it not ironic that in Star Trek 2 they mock the creation story as 'myth', yet have exercised the power of creation themselves? The irony is practically a brick wall.

Happy New Year Dan! I'm looking forward to finishing TWTG now that I can turn the pages with my fingers. :)

Solameanie said...

Three notes:

1. I don't typically read Christian meanings eisegesis-wise into movies, however I have done it with secular songs from time to time. I will apologize to Bill Gothard as soon as possible.

2. Off Hither and Thither topic, but I have dedicated the rest of today and tomorrow to finishing TWTG, so I can get my review of it posted at last. Sorry it is taking me so long. The book deserves to be publicized hither and yon and as loudly as possible for as long as possible.

3. A most happy, joyous, blessed and fruitful New Year to you, your family and BibChr readers everywhere. I'm not one to make resolutions for the New Year, but I am this time around. I want to be bolder in my witness for Christ in the coming year. This is not a time to be timid.

DJP said...

Oh, don't apologize. I'm grateful to you for reading it, and grateful to God that it's being useful and helpful to you.


jmb said...

It's obvious that Hitchcock meant "Psycho" to be a Christian alle-gory (heh-heh). When Marion decides to return the money, she takes a shower, which is symbolic of her being cleansed of her sin(s). Her stabbing represents...uh...represents Hitchcock, uh, wanting to surprise the audience by killing his biggest-name cast member halfway through the movie. This, in turn, is a reference to...uh.......

DJP said...

Heh, exactly. And boy, you got that right.


I remember as a kid seeing Psycho for the first time. "Okay, so this is a movie about the Janet Leigh character. Boy, she's pretty. Okay, so Janet Leigh's character is... wait, WHAT?!!"

jmb said...

You're very considerate, but I don't think a Spoiler Alert should be necessary after 51 years. To the younger people: "Rosebud" is a sled, and Rhett and Scarlett don't end up together.