Friday, September 14, 2012

Hither and Thither 9/14/2012

Two weeks already? Whee!

First, and seriously: I saw something like this as I headed to work early Thursday. Houston is so cool.

  • Remember the gent who did the Jonny Quest opening sequence in stop-motion? He's raising funds to attempt an entire episode in the same medium.
  • Romney on Second Amendment rights: this interview is a good and encouraging read. More reasons to vote for Romney rather than supporting Obama by failing to do so.
  • Courtesy of Kerry Allen, this Star Wars tea infuser is very, very cool. For, you know, tea-drinkers.
  • Coming Robot Overlord Update: the critical question at the moment is — can you run faster than 28 MPH? (Blaine Moore)
  • And before you say, "Pah, that thing had to be hooked up! They'll never get speed and stabilty!" — Kerry Allen has evidence to the contrary.
  • Oh well, Julie Garrett thinks this is funny, so some of you will too.
  • Jeri Tanner has a happy thought: Turbaconducken.
  • I don't think I'd ever heard of Hobby Lobby before moving to Texas; but now I've got a reason to like them.
  • And now if you still, in spite of everything, think God calls His people "sheep" because they're so fluffy and cuddly and adorable...
  • Staying with animals, Mizz Harpy, PhD that she is, found us reams of scientificity about purring.
  • Plus she treats us to some ice fishing like a boss.  Yow!
  • Only Mostly Dead alert: and just in time for sermon illustrations across the land. (h-t Trevin Wax)
  • BTW Trevin is a daily stop for me, and will always have a special place in my heart. A year after publication, Trevin remains the only Gospel Coalition blogger publicly to review and recommend The World-Tilting Gospel.
  • Finally someone in the GOP (who else?) says it is time to reform the TSA. At least!
  • This is really quite interesting. My dear wife is one of many who lament, "Why can't coffee taste as good as it smells?" Challies actually located a scientific answer to that question. It relates to two different ways in which our sense of smell works. That, plus "the fact that 300 of the 631 chemicals that combine to form [coffee's] complex aroma are wiped out by saliva." Any chance that this discovery might lead coffee makers to counter that effect? Wouldn't that be something?
  • I'd make some crack about this pic from Randy Talley showing Obama during the appalling events in Libya... except we know he was actually campaigning in Vegas.
  • ...which, like everything else, is OK when you're a Democrat.
  • And Randy sent me a pretty good Perfect Food candidate:
  • To which one can only respond...
  • And, from the other side of the equation, the view from the pulpit:
  • Now this.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Gee, I like it that you're in another timezone... I can get my H&T early!

Coffee? Sure it smells better than it tastes. You can't smell the bitterness ;D

Love the seagull cam!

Julie G

Kerry James Allen said...

DJP, you have just given me an epiphany 34 years in waiting.
Wife: "You need to pop that (pimple, blackhead, yellowhead, tumor, whatever), it is disgusting."
Me: "No way. It hurts and I don't think it is a good thing."
Wife: "Goodbye until it goes away."
Me: :-(

We know have proof that it isn't good. I was right! I win today! Score one for the guys! Thank you Dan!

The Blainemonster said...

Just earlier this week I was smearing Nutella on chocolate chip cookies. No kidding. Highly recommended.

Kay said...

Reuben invented digestive bisuits sandwiched together with chocolate spread. It's his prefered afterschool snack, and very tasty too.

Mizz Harpy said...

I used to raise sheep and I've never heard anything like that. Is it real?

I see the reporter graduated from the Charles Finney School of Journalism.

You mean the guy who sold me the werewold hunting permit ripped me off?

Colloquist said...

Dalek Dessert is on the menu for next week!

JG said...

I can drink flavored coffee....with lots of sugar and cream. But I love the smell of almost any brewed coffee. Nice to know there's a reason.

You never heard of Hobby Lobby???? Granted, I'm actually from Oklahoma City, but to those of us without a Y chromosome, it's kind of a lifeline. Guess I never realized it hadn't made it to the left coast.

Sonja said...

Aaah, not only does H&T smell good, it tastes good too. Is that sheep an illustration of Zech. 11?

Dan, that storm ... how are the kiddos and the kitties reacting? And not only them? Us west coasters aren't used to such things!

WF: Theyzu. How hip hoppy! Who be theyz?

Paula Bolyard said...

I think I saw Exhibit A for the goats last night at the county fair. It was the last night of the fair and a little girl was walking her baby goat on a leash through the fairgrounds. You could hear that little thing screaming bloody murder for 1/2 mile, over the din of the crowd, the rides, the music and the demolition derby. He probably weighed no more than 12 lbs. and he was dragging the 10-year-old girl. Glad the goats and sheep will be separated in the end :)

Our son spent the summer in DC and (among other things) studied campaign strategy. He said a lot of people in DC are disappointed in the campaign. For example, what is the campaign slogan? I can tell you Obama's (Forward) but not Romney's. He's in Ohio nearly every week, but most people here can't tell you anything specific he's going to do (except he's gong to magically bring us 450K jobs). Very poor messaging. Unfortunately, I still think it's anti-Obama sentiment keeping him afloat rather than pro-Romney enthusiasm. I hope he can pull it together.

DJP said...

The boys and I LOVE the rain and the clouds and the thunder and lightning!

Sonja said...

Good to hear! Lol, it can be a bit startling. Have the kitties come out from under the beds or whatever the preferred hiding spots are? Then again, that giant cat just probably twitches his tail and gives a "rrrawrrr".

Did you do something to WV? This time I got "nerdally". :D

MBSoto116 said...

On the topic of Coffee tasting as good as it smells, there is the Black Blood of the Earth.

They even have local pickup in Houston!

DJP said...

Do you drink it? Tell us about it.

Gilbert said...

ANY PASTOR, I repeat, ANY PASTOR that starts out an article wwith a great video of a thunderstorm is automatically cool and hip. (That, from a meteorologist).

Speaking of which, going off-topic for a moment, do yourself a big favor and get yourself a NOAA All-Hazards radio (Midland's WR-120 is a great radio, for $29.95). Think of it as a smoke detector for tornadoes, severe winds from storms and hurricanes.

Back on topic: never thought I'd say Jimmy Carter was better than President Obama, but...*sigh*. Even worse is that a majority of voters want him back. Please tell me what alternate universe we've fallen into? One where sin being OK dominates? Oh. Right.

Popping zits...ewww.

And finally, to your readers: We need to pitch in and help Dan stop committing the Unpardonable Sin. No, not THAT one. The one where he doesn't have any legos in them at all. Sorry, Dan. We'll get on it. ;-)

Anyway, I love H&T, and I'm glad to see it! "Hither and Thither: It's better than BACON!". Or something like that.

Susan said...

I saw the picture of those little girls sticking stickers on that sleeping man and just have to confess: When I was in 8th grade, my assigned seat in a certain class (English? I forget) was in a section with 3 guys. The teacher (I'll call her Mrs. P.) was wearing a long, pretty dark blue skirt with tiny polka dots all over, and she was walking around the room holding a book and reading it to us. At some point and time one of the guys in my section got really bored, so he took out a sheet of star stickers. Every time Mrs. P. walked by him, he stuck a sticker to the flowing part of her skirt. Being the immature little twit that I was, I found it extremely funny and giggled under my breath along with other classmates who caught on to what was happening. Poor Mrs. P. had no clue until someone finally told her after class! :P

yankeegospelgirl said...

Seriously, dude, do you spent half the day just collecting all these awesome photos and gifs?

I mean not that I'm complaining...

yankeegospelgirl said...

Seriously dude, do you just spend half the day collecting all these awesome photos and gifs?

Not that I'm complaining. It's a nice change of pace from those Tom Hiddleston fan tumblrs... not that I'd EVER visit one of those, ehehehehe.

yankeegospelgirl said...

Whoops, I'm sorry, I didn't realize comments were moderated so I thought I had to type mine again. Please keep the second one because it's funnier. Thank you.