Friday, February 22, 2013

Tombstone of a faithful preacher

Reader George Douglas was prompted by this largely frivolous post to send me the moving tombstone of a servant of God named John Berridge.  Here it is:

Here is the text:

Here lay the earthly Remains of JOHN BERRIDGElate Vicar of Everton and an itinerant Servantof JESUS CHRIST who loved his Master and his Workand after running on his Errands many Years was calledup to wait on him above Reader art thou born againNo Salvation without a new Birth.I was born in Sin Feb. 1716Remained ignorant of my fallen State till 1730Lived proudly on Faith & Works for Salvation till 1754Admitted to Everton Vicarage 1755Fled to JESUS alone for Refuge 1756Fell asleep in Christ Jany. 22d1793
Berridge was the subject of an article by Charles Spurgeon, who said that John Wesley commended Berridge as "one of the most simple as well as most sensible of all whom it pleased God to employ in reviving primitive Christianity." His tombstone certainly serves as a lasting beacon pointing the way to Christ.

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Anonymous said...

From the Spurgeon article:

A complaint was lodged against him, and the bishop sent for him and reproved him for preaching "at all hours and on all days."
"My lord," said he, modestly, "I preach only at two seasons."
"Which are they, Mr. Berridge?"
"In season and out of season, my lord."