Tuesday, August 06, 2013

How to NOT drive an author crazy

Getting a decent book published is really hard work for most people. The concept, the hours of labor, the shopping around, the contract, the process — it's really a tremendous undertaking. And then comes the emotional roller-coaster of seeing what comes of your baby, out there in the cruel world.

So if you've got someone who's written a book you think is a decent, worthwhile book, and you have a particular line of questions. You've never been an author, so of course you don't know who authors think. But hey...I do! And, as
always, I'm here to help!

So, I suggest you proceed thus:
You: Congratulations on getting your baby published!
Author: Thanks very much, I appreciate that.
You: What editions are out?
Author: Just the hard copy.
You: Terrific. I'll buy that and read it.
Author: Thanks, I appreciate that, too!
You: Any plans for other editions?
Author: None that I know of.
You: Okay. Well, I know that if enough hard copies sell, they'll be likelier to look into other markets. So after I buy mine, who can I write to encourage them to look into Kindle/Logos/whatever?
Author: That's kind of you to ask. Let me get that for you...
There y'go. You're welcome!


DJP said...

And yes, the infinitive in the title is split deliberately.

VesselOfWrath said...

So I... can't get #ProvDJP for my Kindle?

Seriously, I look forward to buying it in hard copy and reading it. I'm working my way through #TWTG now (not that it's "work", just that my reading time is limited), and it's been a blessing - thank you.

DJP said...



Seriously, thanks very much, I do appreciate it. Reading is work, especially for a busy person. I pray God uses it as a blessing and a help to you.

Unknown said...

I have the Proverbs book in hardback and The World-Tilting Gospel on my iPad. It would be great to have both of those (especially Proverbs) on Logos.

BTW it is nice to see a treatment of Proverbs that is not afraid to affirm Solomon as the author (especially sin all the internal evidence points to him)

DJP said...

Thanks, I appreciate that.

I know "things are moving" to get the Proverbs book on Logos, but I don't know more than that.

About TWTG, I've heard nothing.

Terry Rayburn said...

Both books are excellent, and one ought to get both asap, and the Kindle TWTG is great, but I think one is crazy not to get the hardcover Proverbs book, because of the nature of the "study" involved -- notes, etc.

Dan is a really gifted writer, knowledge aside, and his knowledge is outstanding.