Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday music - re-do!

Last week I posted a collection of clips, the third and climactic of which featured the amazing Terry Kath's guitar track for "What's This World Comin' To?" But there were technical issues, the track disappeared for days, only reappearing later in the week.

It's so good that today, I'm just adding a bit and telling you to go listen to it.

This is one of those songs that is vintage Chicago at its best, yet it's a song that was never a hit. It is a tight, complex, multi-phase number, featuring everyone in the band. Each of the three main lead vocalists (Robert Lamm, Peter Cetera, and Terry Kath) takes a turn. The horns are tight and emphatic. Danny Seraphine's all over on the drums. Pete Cetera lays down a crazy-hot bass line.

But behind and through it all is the inimitable Terry Kath. You probably can't appreciate the cat fully unless you've tried to play guitar, as I have. He was head and shoulders over most players. His bandmates say he could play rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and sing all at the same time. While that may not be strictly possible, there's no doubt that the man could shift gears from rhythm to a complex little riff for seasoning faster than a gunslinger could slap leather. Just absolutely a marvel.

This third track gives something of a feel for that. Another guitarist would have just hammered basic chords. Kath laid down a whole complex landscape, and still threw off some dizzying riffs.

I can't say enough about it. In fact, I'm done. Just go listen.

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