Monday, September 01, 2008

Some Palinian links and thoughts

1. The so-deep-as-to-be-occasionally-opaque Douglas Wilson had announced absolutely that there was no way he'd vote for John McCain. But now the exasperating Senator McCain (R - media) has made the bold, game-changing move of naming Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. To his great credit, Pastor Wilson sees at least some of the significance of this move, and is admitting that it is causing him to reconsider his decision. Read his musing-aloud, and the attendant comments. Here's a taste:
One more thing. An issue that will be discussed among some conservative Christians is the propriety of electing a woman. Evangelical Christians are overwhelmingly hostile to feminism, and so what is with that? I have argued before from Isaiah 3:12 -- "children are their oppressors, and women rule over them" -- that feminism is one of the things Scripture uses as an indicator of God's judgment on a culture. I still believe that, and also believe that we are in fact under this particular judgment in our culture. But as a biblical absolutist, and not a simple traditionalist, I also want to make room for the occasional Deborah. Life is funny, and you should remember that in the Bible Deborah was the dame who upstaged a fellow named Barak. Kinda spooky when you think about it.
2. Wilson has now followed up with Cons and Pros on Palin. In it, these gems:
6. File this next one under the heading of "husbands of accomplished babes." I speak as an expert here. Feminism is not the only heterodox gender-idea we have to deal with. There is a significant stream within conservative Christian circles that is more Muslim than Christian. In my writing on family, I have called this error masculinism, the counterpart to feminism. This selection of Sarah Palin enables us to address that problem. The Bible does not teach that a woman's place is in the home. It teaches that a woman's priority is the home. If a woman accomplishes a great deal outside the home without surrendering the priority of the home, there is nothing whatever unbiblical about it. Many people have assumed that Nancy and I are homers simply because we don't apologize for the apostle Paul's teaching on headship and submission in marriagae [sic]. But while we believe and practice and teach everything the apostle ever wrote on this subject, my wife has taught outside the home, written a textbook, taught at conferences, written other books, and all while managing the home in a spectacular fashion. My daughters are both very accomplished women, as is my daughter-in-law, and I welcome the opportunity for genuine conservatives to reject the ditch on both sides of this gender road.

7. Scripture gives us examples of extraordinary women who are used by God in extraordinary times. The woman's seed was to crush the serpent's head, and we see this prophecy of Christ typified throughout the Old Testament in striking ways (Judges 4:21; Judges 9:53). It seems to me that Sarah Palin, as a walking rejection of the pro-aborts more emotional arguments, will be in a position to give Roe a bowl of motherly milk and then put a stake through his head. If that happens, then the question for Christians will not be "how could a woman do that?" Rather, we will see that no one but a woman could have done that.
3. Here's a side-by-side Palin/Obama comparison chart that, while not inerrant, (A) makes some great points and (B) will make The Usual Suspects' heads spin around and spew pea soup (h-t Hugh "Squish" Hewitt, who has many other good links). And that's always good fun.

Afternote: like nobody has to read this blog, so nobody has to read any of those words nor links. But any commenter who continues dutifully to cough up DNC talking-points which are answered in those links or sublinks will be curtly and peremptorily referred to them.

Oh, and there are many reports of the fact that Palin's 17yod is pregnant. So now I'm waiting for the deafening roar of protest from right and left about how inappropriate it is to pry into candidates' family's lives. After all, remember how outraged the Dalai Bama was when his wife was taken to task for things she said on the campaign trail? Surely, he'll be far more furious at a candidate's child being put under the spotlight, right? So I'm waiting for that unanimous condemnation.

And waiting.

Still waiting.....


Mike Jones said...

"Surely, he'll be far more furious at a candidate's child being put under the spotlight, right?"

I'm pretty sure that consistency is a metaphysical impossibility for Obama...

Mike Westfall said...

Poor 17 year old daughter of Sarah Palin. She made a mistake and decided to punish herself with a baby.

Jay said...

Surely, he'll be far more furious at a candidate's child being put under the spotlight, right?

Actually, he is. I'm no Obama supporter by any means, but I guess even he has some class.

adl said...

I've read this blog for several years now and have enjoyed a lot of what you've had to say Dan (long time reader, first time commenter). However, the tone, slant, bias, and misappropriation of facts that I've seen in your last several posts has gotten to be too much. Sorry, brother, but I'm never coming back here again.

candy said...

I'm furious (but not surprised) after watching ABC news. George Stephaninappro stated after the "expose" on Palin's daughter that he wonders what else we will find out about Sarah Palin. They also wonder if McCain properly vetted Palin. Give me a break. Not only did they thoroughly check into her background, I am sure she, with her family, thoroughly counted the cost of hearing vicious attacks from supposedly unbiased news journalists. Oh, and by the way, did you all know that Todd Palin got a DUI? Oh yeah. Like when he was 22 years old.

Matt Gumm said...

As Andrew shakes the virtual dust off his feet, I find myself wondering why people who supposedly read and benefit from blogs can simply ignore bits and pieces that bother them.

If Dan's conservative politics or quoting of Doug Wilson bothers you, can't you just wait until after the election? Or read some of the archives? Or maybe even offer a substantive example of "tone, slant, and bias," or justify your accusation of "misappropriation of facts."

Every time I read drive-bys like this, it reminds me of getting nailed by a pigeon.

DJP said...

Candy — ...Todd Palin got a DUI....

Oh, well, that's it! No way I could support McCain/Palin now!

{ rolls eyes }

Kay said...

Of course Obama will be furious about this sort of smeary nonsense from his crew - it's exactly the kind of thing that makes him look mean-minded and judgemental, which is everything he wanted to be able to paint the Republicans as.

I know some pretty hardcore feminists who abhor Palin's political positions, but are making some loud noises about the misogyny inherent in this sort of attack. And yes, I know that hardcore feminists see misogyny inherent in everything, but it's interesting to note they aren't going along with the hate wholesale.

Dawg Doc said...

I have lived just down the road from Doug Wilson's church for the past 5 1/2 years and managed to visit a few times. I found it a bit overbearing and occasionally subservient. Nevertheless, Pastor Wilson is a bright guy who constructs a solid argument and has probably done more good than bad in his town. I read his musings on the cons and pros of Palin and agree with most of what he says, especially on the con side when it comes to the conduct of foreign policy. The purpose of our military is not to Americanize the world but to defend our people from aggression, not to be the aggressors.

As for the vetting process, the McCain team has admitted that they did not do a thorough job and have only recently begun seriously digging into Palin's background AFTER she was selected as his running mate. I think McCain expected her to be rejected so he could choose Joe Lieberman as her replacement. Personally, I think she'll withdraw her nomination within a few weeks and McCain will get his wish and the GOP won't be able to stop him.

Hey, Palin went to the U of I in the town where Doug Wilson preaches...I wonder if she ever attended Christ Church?

DJP said...

Where's evidence that she wasn't vetted? Not one significant issue has arisen; the desperation of the MSMDNC indicates that, if we didn't already know it.

You lean on the vapors of private speculation and mind-reading if you like, I'll be happy with the reality to date.

Dawg Doc said...


McCain's own people said it yesterday...they only started the process a few days before her selection and had nobody on the ground in Alaska until 2 days AFTER her selection.

Doesn't really matter because I think her selection was meant to distract the nation from all the problems and failures of the current administration and why the GOP should not be allowed to govern any longer. In that respect, it might have worked but God has other plans. Looks like he'll just keep the hurricanes rolling in to dominate the news.


Fred Butler said...

Not to toot my own horn, but my "will people who have pre-marital sex go to hell" question in that previous post was almost prophetic.

By the way, if my first reaction was to stop reading a blog forever when I stumbled across some issue I felt was spun according to the author's biases, I would never be able to read anything. A person with such a thin, baby like skin shouldn't let the screen door bump them on the way out.


Anonymous said...

"Not one significant issue has arisen"

This MIGHT be significant:

CR said...

Bill Kristol interviewed a McCain staffer that warned and gave a heads up to Palin before she accepted the nomination that she would scrutinzed like nothing before.

Palin responded by asking the staffer if he knew the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull. Palin told the staffer that the difference is the lipstick.

Um, I'm guessing that Palin will be able to defend herself just fine, but maybe that's just me.

CR said...

Dan: Oh, well, that's it! No way I could support McCain/Palin now!

{ rolls eyes }

Palin was cited for fishing without a fishing license. She is thus, unfit to be Vice President. I can't support such a scoffer. I'm therefore supporting Obama.

Wyatt Roberts said...

This is the best article I've seen on Palin -- and it's by a liberal:

The Case Against The Case Against Palin

Dawg Doc said...

I just can't get this picture out of my we are under the Big Top and John McCain emerges with a top hat and baton in his hand. He is the MC of a 3 ring circus. In one ring are the neo-conservatives whom he has already appeased with threats against Iran and others. In the center ring are the fiscal conservatives and he has appeased them by being for the tax cuts after he was against them. In the far right hand ring are the social conservatives, you guys. McCain is most distasteful to you because he has no socially conservative convictions so he ponders how to get you all in line. He pulls out his wand and "POOF" selects an unqualified social conservative as running mate and gets all the evangelical ideologues to quit using their brains and start jumping through his hoops like trained circus animals. Absolutely amazing!

Now you're probably all praying that God calls John home shortly after January 20, 2009, if he somehow manages to win this election. Of course, the only way he wins (from an analytic and historical perspective) is if people vote for him due to their latent racist tendencies and fear of blacks. Every historical and economic indicator predicts a big Obama victory this is similar to 1980 when all the indicators lined up for a Reagan victory or 1932 when all the measures predicted FDR would win. The ONLY difference this time is a black man is running on one of the tickets.

DJP said...

You know, Rob, I was going to delete your post as a clear violation of Rule 1.

But it is such a classic museum-piece quality exhibit of the desperate, hypocritical, willfully-ignorant, ankle-biting liberal mindset that I will leave it for all to marvel at. If I had written something like it, I'd be accused of over-the-top parody.

Yet here you are, thoughtful enough not only to fulfill my prediction, but to reveal more than I could ever hope to.

Thank you for your service.

Mike Westfall said...

Any day now we'll have the blistering analysis of 27 Nobel Peace Prize winning scientists/economists/hairdressers.

I know it's coming.

Fred Butler said...

Just learned that one of the gals here at Grace to You was a nanny for the Palin's a few years ago and Palin and her family attend the church where this gal's dad is an elder. World magazine will be interviewing him about the Palins, so look for it soon.


DJP said...

WORLD. Great. Maybe they'll have Anne Lamott interview him.

Dawg Doc said...


Say what you will but you're the one jumping through the hoop, not me.

My views are anything but liberal. I voted for McCain in the primaries in 2000 and I still agree with him on most of the issues (such as campaign finance, use of the filibuster, and the scope of government). However, he is wrong on the most critical issue to me and that is how he will handle foreign policy and defense. McCain's policies will make America less safe and reduce what little prestige and respect we have around the world. Doug Wilson is 100% right on this issue.

You (and your crony Carlo) can continue to label me as a liberal if it helps you to sleep at night. The truth is, however, that I am a traditional conservative in the mold of Ronald Reagan, not George W Bush. My views and policy preferences are very similar to Reagan's with a few exceptions because we face different challenges today.

I oppose abortion and abortion rights but I firmly believe that government is not the proper way to wage this battle. We MUST win the hearts and minds of the American people to achieve victory in this war. We will not and cannot do that through legislation. We tried that tact with prohibition and it failed miserably. We've tried it with drugs and all we have are prisons filled to the brim with non-violent offenders costing us taxpayers $30k or more per year per prisoner.

I also oppose gay rights and same-sex marriage but again, we must change hearts and minds. We cannot do so through laws and constitutional amendments. That is not the purpose of our government anyway. The US does not have a theocratic system of government and I refuse to support any movement that wants to use government to enforce their view of morality, be it Christian or un-Christian. I also refuse to pick and choose between the commands of God which I would have the government enforce, the way you and others would do.

In many more ways I am far more conservative than you are, especially when it comes to theology.

I would prefer that you cease and desist from the false accusation that I am a liberal but if you must continue with it I pray God grants you repentance.

Fred Butler said...

WORLD. Great. Maybe they'll have Anne Lamott interview him.

As long as she doesn't cuss.

DJP said...

Or speak in any way.

CR said...

Thought people might be interested in this short bio of Palin

J♥Yce Burrows said...

This has been very helpful; thanks! :-)