Friday, April 30, 2010

Hither and thither 4/30/10

I have quite the little borgaschmord for you. Hey — it's Timothe's first Hither and Thither! Hi, TJ!
  • First: showoff.

  • Terrific. The world's greatest need has been met. In Shanghai. By the creation of an Obama-themed night club.
  • Typical liberal. Find me the infected boil in this actor's green idealism. (Anyone who watched the TV series Angel will remember Kartheiser as the terminally obnoxious Conner.)
  • Typical moderate. The nightmare of the "RINO" is that a party needs a wide swath of participants; but "moderates" by definition are unreliable and selfish. Take Arlen Specter of PA; and now take Governor Charlie Crist of Florida. His own party does not want him to run for the Senate. So what does he do? He runs as a party of one. If it harms his party and his nation — oh well. Breathtaking arrogant selfishness, talking about what is right for the people (who do not want him to represent them). 
  • It isn't as good as the one for Matrix, but here's a so-so shot for shot Lego re-enaction of the Prince of Persia trailer.
  • ...aaaaand here's how Avatar should have ended. (Sorry about the commercial.)
  • Uh-oh. President Obama stepped away from the teleprompter. You know what that means. It means he says things like, "I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money." Well thank you, President "God."
  • Great word from Kevin DeYoung: "Too many Christians waste time trying to be obedient to things God has never said (jobs, spouse, location) instead of focusing on what we know God wants from us (love, joy, faith)." Hear, hear. Ah, but then he goes south: "I also believe God can surprise us through non-discursive means of communication." So, what's that? Interpretive dance? Mime? No, he mentiosn dreams. Proof? A quotation from Archibald Alexander. Alexander's proof? Stories. Sigh. That's my only reservation about DeYoung's wonderful book: makes a fabulous case for the sufficiency of Scripture, then undercuts it just a skosh.
  • I want one. Seven medieval castles you can buy.
  • Told you. Coffee: it's a health drink.
  • Another chilling ruling in England, land of some of the greatest public Christians... in the past. Now, you can't be a Christian in public. (Note some of the most atrociously bigoted "reasoning" imaginable.)
  • Um... thanks, I think I'll walk.
  • Geeky enough to make your own working phaser? (Video link at bottom.)
  • Reader Angie Birney noticed a trailer for a movie called Babies, featuring — well, babies, conceived and popped out in Tokyo, Namibia, Mongolia, and San Francisco.
  • We have a Title of the Week, subcategory Well, Yeah! It comes from America's first west coast: Fla. researcher bitten while measuring sharks. Well... yeah! Waiting for the headline, Bee-keeper in Arizona stung while collecting honey.
  • And now an Unclear On The Concept Alert. The AP reports in somber tones that the new anti-illegal bill in Arizona is resulting in...illegals leaving the state! (DA DA DAAAAAA!) In fact, it's so bad that... some are even going back to their country! (DA DA DAAAAAA!) I think the Latin term I'm searching for is, "Epic win."
  • What is striking to me is that liberals are playing both the race-card and the Nazi-card on this. Because, you know, the only reason people don't want illegals pouring over their borders, stealing jobs and resources and committing crimes, can only possibly be because they're racist Nazis.
  • So, since I have some of the smartest readers in the world, you tell me some of the things wrong with this.

  • How nice. The Supremes allow the Mojave Cross to stand. Enjoy it. If Obama gets to stack the court, rulings like this will be receding history.
  • Two weeks ago we trembled at the thought of rampaging worms. Now (very tangentially) reader Gary Beecham Jr. takes us back to something featuring Brent Spiner in his pre-Data (Star Trek: TNG) days.
  • Uh yeah, thanks. You too.
  • Say, remember that summer when aliens came and visited various spots in Europe and all? Well, I don't either... but they made some nifty post-cards! (Thanks to Squirrel for the generous tip.)
  • Reader Andy Dollahite discovered some pretty awesome photography from that Icelandic volcano, Ksld... er... Ephqrbl... um... Eyjafjallajokul. Yeah. That's the ticket.
  • Don't like Bob Dylan much? Neither does this guy. (But then he doesn't seem to like the incandescent Joni Mitchell, either, so... don't know what he does like.)
  • Me? I like this.
  • Kinda like this, too. (No offense, RT).
  • This? Not so much.
  • Leave it to Reuters to get a title backwards.
  • Our Laura Kelleher was just reading Yahoo! of India (?), and noticed that Hindu leader Rajan Zed will be opening six city council meetings with Hindu prayers. Well, that makes sense, given the important role the Hindu religion has played in America's founding, with its... its... er.... Well, anyway, it's diverse.
  • This nifty little candlelight illusion is fully worth the 57 seconds.
  • Psh, I can do this. Well, I can do the part where he stands on a gym mat.
  • Reader Tim Margheim has correctly identified one of the signs of the approaching apocalypse: the Scouts can now earn a video games belt loop and pin. My two J's will regret only that they are now in Boy Scouts, not Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts. (This is also noted by Pastor Al.)
  • Speaking of whom, reader Pastor Al Stout has a tonic for you who feel this site is too cat-friendly: dogs, dogs, dogs, in slooooooow mooooootionnnnn.
  • Staying with pastor-readers, Pastor John found two encounters between Joe Friday of Dragnet, and President Obama: here, and here. Works surprisingly well, actually.
  • Then there's all this: 


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Morning, Dan,

the Grasshoppers think the Kraken is CUTE... when it's small.

And the cat (I almost vaporised you, man!) is also getting a lot of praise.

Me... I like Pumpkin Pi.


David Regier said...

I'll put forth my suggestion that we start up a Reformed version of the Boy Scouts and call them the Piper Cubs.

The Squirrel said...

Good morning!

Two things:

1) I want a castle! I want! I want! I want!

& 2) Of course coffee is healthy. It's even a vegetable!

Carry on!


p.s. Thanks for the nod.

Al said...

sooo... Be green and make your neighbor pay for it. Sounds like a government program.

I wonder if he brings his own toilet paper?

al sends

DJP said...

Bingo. "I'm so close to nature, I don't even have a bathroom! I use my neighbor's!"

And they say these things with ZERO self-awareness. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

So Kevin DeYoung believe(s) God can surprise us through non-discursive means of communication (such as dreams).

I'm not disputing that.

I do, however, need some help interpreting some of my dreams.

Should I be running around, and sometimes flying unaided, killing bad guys?

Please tell me I shouldn't even think about trying out for an NFL team!

I am certain that singing opera is out of the question.


The Squirrel said...

Oh, & 3) There. Is. No. Spork.


CGrim said...

- Yeah, DeYoung is unfortunately sloppy there. I think my own position would be, "God can speak to us in other ways than Scripture, but he doesn't." But even that sounds a bit sloppy to me, like an Arminian saying, "God can override man's will, but he doesn't."

- Theoretically, if a certain combination of people die in a certain order, I will come into inheritance of a castle in southern Scotland. At this point, saving $1,000,000 and buying my own seems more probable.

- That Arizona law is especially powerful, in that it hasn't even gone into effect yet, but the illegals are leaving anyway. I'm pretty sure the Nazis didn't give the Jews the option to move out voluntarily.

Death or Glory Toad said...

I thought it was a fruit. Kinda bitter sometimes, and most people don't go for brown fruit, hot.

Anonymous said...

The pumpkin pi thing made me snort out loud. But then as I always tell my 7th grade daughter while she's doing her geometry:

"Pi R squared."

"No, cake R squared. Pi R round..."

Yeah, she just rolls her eyes too.

GrammaMack said...

Grandpa Dan, how do you pronounce Timothe? Is it the same as Timothy, just spelled differently?

DJP said...


It's the French spelling, doncha know.

CGrim said...

Yeah, I think Pooka is right. Coffee beans are actually not beans at all, but seeded berries.

GrammaMack said...

Ah, bien sûr! :-)

Peter Eddy said...

I hope this doesn't turn into too much of a novel. Dan, feel free to delete it if you think I'm monopolizing too much space.

I've served several times in Tanzania and Malawi (South East Africa) doing campus evangelism. When I saw the picture of the plane with the duct-tape hinges on the door, it reminded me of a story from Africa.

Shortly after 9/11 all the airlines internationally introduced stricter rules, as we all know. One of those rules was related to locking the cockpit. Also, supposedly, security became tighter on what you could bring aboard a plane.

A missionary was on an intra-Africa flight (i.e., take-off in Africa and land somewhere else in Africa), when the pilot left the cockpit to get a coffee or soemthing like that. When he tried to get back in, he was locked out, because he'd forgotten the new safety measures.

He cursed, and then asked the passengers whether anyone had a knife or something else they could use to try to pick the lock and open the door. Five or six men came forward with big machetes.

Those security measures were real helpful.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Good for you, Gramma Mack, I was wondering too :D

Oh Dan, that story about not having his own toilet and using his neighbors hits too close to home... like right across the street.

Ex-husband (divorced some 15+ years ago) is still squatting in his ex-wife's garage, which he calls the cabin. He won't buy a house of his own, though he has the mnoney, because that would be a waste of resources.

Various women have lived with him in the "cabin", including a common-law wife of about 10 years and their son with severe health problems, though it has no bathroom. Guess whose bathroom they use? Yep. The ex-wife.

And guess what the divorced folks do for a living?

Mental health counselors.

It boggles the mind.

DJP said...


Great story!

I thought you were going to say that the passengers all shrugged and held up their plastic sporks.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

How good is Hither and thither? Well… as I sat down at my computer I told myself I don’t have much time to spend on the computer right now so… click, “oh yeah… it’s Friday… Hither and thither… ah just a quick look at one or two” That was about 45 minutes ago… watched them all. How sick and twisted is that? Am I just a small, weak little man… no… Hither and thither is just that good.

Thanks Dan for keeping my priorities straight.

Death or Glory Toad said...

Tanzania has good coffee. Maybe they blew all their safety and repair money on investments to ensure good coffee?

DJP said...

Well, RealityCheck, in my defense: it is meant to last all weekend.

I am fond of the theory of moderation.

Ron (aka RealityCheck) said...

"it is meant to last all weekend."

Yeah, that's what my wife keeps saying about the Cheetos.

Oh well... I'll try harder NEXT weekend.

Gabby said...

Things wrong with the Hitler/Arizona thingy:

Arizonans do not gas illegals.

Arizonans have not forced illegals into death camps.

Arizonans do not force illegals to wear large yellow patches on their clothes identifying them as illegals.

Arizonans do not force illegals to dig their own mass graves and then force them to die in it.

Arizonans do not medically experiment on illegals.

That's just off the top of my head...

DJP said...

I would think that, in a sane world, every Jew in America (and/or elsewhere) would rise up and say "Oh look, do not cheapen what was done to us by comparing it to a state trying to secure its borders!"

Lynda O said...

"That Arizona law is especially powerful, in that it hasn't even gone into effect yet, but the illegals are leaving anyway. I'm pretty sure the Nazis didn't give the Jews the option to move out voluntarily."

Unfortunately it sounds like the ones leaving Arizona are just going to neighboring states so not really solving the overall problem.

Actually, I think Hitler did (shortly before invasion of Poland) give the Jews the option to leave, if any other country would take them -- and if they would leave all their financial assets behind... so in the end it was only some Jewish children that were allowed to leave.

Moon said...

See that's why I drink coffee everyday :D dominican coffee of course...not the *cough*watered down*cough**cough*american coffee*cough**cough*

You know I think it's really crazy that people are all mad about the anti-immigration law. A law that will help reduce illegal, let me repeat that ILLEGAL you know NOT legal a.k.a agaisnt the law, immigration...what is the world coming to...

Kevin DeYoung's Just Do Something --> I just finished reading it yesterday and I really liked it, I remember being a little bit like that when I became a Christian...and those last two chapters of the book wow! the boys at my church need to read that part....

DJP said...

Yeah, the boys in a LOT of churches need to read it, Ritacita. Including "boys" in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Aaron said...

I may be worse than RealityCheck... I only followed the first link & found PowerPigs Flickr stream.

Forty-five minutes later I remembered how I got there.

Aaron said...


Yeah, that's what my wife keeps saying about the Cheetos.

Very nice!

tobekiwi said...

No longer is Friday just Friday...
It's Hither & Thither Day!
Thanks for the splendid (as usual) offerings this week.
Almost lost it reading about the castles...
Seven-Bedroom medieval chateau, Lot-et-Garonne, France
"Dungeon makes a great playroom for the kids..."
Oh my...:o)

NoLongerBlind said...

@squirrel - and here I always thought that coffee was in the legumes family.....

As for the moniker of the newest member of the DJP-ites - (Danites?) - I've been under the impression it was pronounced
(phonetically spelled) Tim - Mote - Hee....


Family Blogs said...

Reuters. Jennifer Knapp. Your comment. A stroke of genius.

SolaMommy said...

LOL I didn't even realize the story was from Yahoo India. I think I got there by clicking a link on Fox's site.

Herding...WHAT?! And he manages to attract long-term visitors to this "cabin?" The mental health counselor part doesn't surprise me though, as my own father does the same thing...which is frightening. Most of those people fall into the "blind leading the blind" category, unfortunately.

The candelight illusion blew my mind...whooooa.

I don't know what a "kraken" is, but the baby octopus was cool :-)

Tom Chantry said...

...from that Icelandic volcano, Ksld... er... Ephqrbl... um... Eyjafjallajokul. Yeah. That's the ticket.

A friend of mine from the UK who was stranded while trying to travel to Kenya finally dubbed it "Mount Unpronounceable."

The Squirrel said...


"vegetable" as in "not animal or mineral" :o)

I'm not just pullin' your legume...


Stefan Ewing said...

The name of that Icelandic volcano (Eyjafjallajökull) would be hard enough to pronounce as it is.

Sounding it out as it is spelled, one would pronounce it as something like "ay-yah-fyal-la-yoh-kuhll"—but one would be wrong.

Why? Because there are two unwritten "t"s in the name, and an unwritten schwa (unstressed vowel, often printed as an upside-down "e" in dictionaries) on the end.

According to the BBC, it should be pronounced something closer to "AY-uh-fyat-luh-YOE-kuutl-uh."

More than you could ever wish to know (with sound files!) at The Independent.

Stefan Ewing said...

Oh, and from the same paper, tomorrow is the 170th birthday of the lowly postage stamp.

It turns out that the humble "Penny Black" actually ushered in the first modern telecommunication system: a fast nationwide service network with a low access fee. (Link)

Joe W. said...

Nothing is better than enjoying H&T with a cup of Jose's Columbian Supremo.

(Dan, please get that check in the mail.)

Susan said...

What's wrong with that Hitler picture? It's obvious. Arizona's in America, not Germany!

Seriously, though, why can't some people see the difference between curbing illegal immigration and being anti-immigration? Here in LA, Mayor Villaraigosa is supporting the boycott of Arizona. Um, hello? Law enforcement officers are being killed by human traffickers and desperadoes, and you are saying that laws shouldn't be passed against illegal immigration? That's insane.

Shaun Marksbury said...

Of course, while some are wondering why Arizona is so mean, a deputy is recovering tonight after being shot by AK-47 - carrying illegal immigrants. His family is thankful he survived.

No, Dan, you're too mean for wanting to protect our borders. Only harmless, destitute folk looking for work are crossing, dude.

(/ sarcasm)

BTW- The Kraken *are* cute before kids flush them down toilets... :)

Aaron said...

The sign pointing to the neighbors who want to ban guns is awesome.

Jennifer Knapp reminds me of me. When I was not yet a Christian, I used similar reasoning to justify my sins (not the same sin as hers just to make that clear). First you say it isn't in the Bible, then you say that the translation is incorrect, then you say it was cultural. All open defiance of God's word to justify devotion to self.

Aaron said...

BTW, how many here would actually let their neighbor use their restroom if they intentionally threw out their toilet? Honestly, I'd give the guy a scoop of kitty litter. The only way to make these people see the idiocy of their lifestyle is to make them suffer the consequences of their choices.