Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blogs: new, notable, and/or relocated

Dr. Jim Hamilton, author of a terrific book I'm reading even now, has moved his blog. Note and check it out.

Our own Paula has created her own blog, also check-outable. Her emphasis is political. BTW, she knows something on me, in a manner of speaking, that you don't know.

We've mentioned Michael J. Vlach several times, and reviewed a couple of his works. Wellsir, now he has a blog. So far the emphasis is dispensational matters.


Paula said...

Ooh! Big spike in traffic! Thanks for sending folks my way!

Rest assured, that the "something" I know on DJP is not dirt and this mention on his blog was not the price of my silence : )

Susan said...

Paula knows something on you, in a matter of speaking, that we don't know? A bit too cryptic for an open forum like the blog, ya think??

DJP said...

It was just to bug YOU, Susan.

Mission Accomplished.

Stefan said...

Great stuff. Dr. Vlach is a very accessible and articulate proponent for dispensational hermeneutics (as are you). And lo and behold, he's writing right now on one of my favourite subjects: the apostolic use of the Old Testament!

Also, I've found Dr. Hamilton's original essay on which (presumably) his recent book is based. It seems to be a good précis of his thesis: "The Glory of God in Salvation through Judgment: The Center of Biblical Theology?" (PDF, 28 pages)

JackW said...

I have a blog too, but it’s a secret.

… much to the relief of many.

Mike Westfall said...

I think Paula knows that you have a bacon fetish. Or maybe you like candles. Espcially bacon scented candles.