Friday, March 18, 2011

Hither and thither 3/18/11

Busy week, boys and girls, at work and at home. Cool news, though: going over the galleys of World-Tilting Gospel for Kregel. Exciting and scary.

So here's what I've got for now, and will add updates as I can:
  • Maybe we can dedicate today's HT to those who help out in the church nursery.

  • I keep telling you. Coffee: it's a health-drink. Especially for women. (Thanks, DAOD.)
  • Would it be unfair to characterize Robert Schuller's attitude as "To Hell with them, as long as they serve our purposes"? Check it out.
  • "The Palin Doctrine"? Interesting read, coming from the actual world (as opposed to elitist echo-chambers.)
  • Who knew? Turns out overpaid, overprivileged, bullying union-rights are pretty much the same thing as black civil rights and freedom from slavery. Mm. Wonder if I can use that to peddle my books? "If you don't buy this book, it's just like you're for slavery!"
  • Now, the ironically-named judge Maryann Sumi has done an odd thing. A Democrat filed a lawsuit about the Wisconsin law, and so the judge — rather than simply moving to review the complaint — actually halted the law, thus overriding the legislative branch in that state. Two interesting thoughts suggest themselves to me:
  • First, Gov. Walker could simply do as President Obama has done with his unconstitutional Obamacare, and move right ahead heedless, whistling a little tune.
  • Second, if this is the "new normal" for law, why don't about one hundred-thousand of us file individual lawsuits against pro-abortion laws? Wouldn't a hundred-thousand judges, to be consistent with Judge Sumi's example, have to halt the law that permits wholesale human slaughter? What am I missing here?
  • In other news....
  • Who hates homosexuals, again? How come every time someone tries to help them find freedom from their destructive vice, they're agin' it? Denial, much? (Thanks, JTW.)
  • So can we say homosexual activists : homosexual slavery : : CAIR : Islamic terrorism?
  • iPhones. What can't they do?

  • On the one hand, one's tempted to say "Onoes! Cats!!" And "reign of terror" is a bit over-the-top. But it seems this lady did have a rough go of it, set upon by feral cats. They're a problem in our neighborhood as well, but not of that intensity. (Thanks to reader Justin Durst for link.)
  • Chris Carney found a pastor with a novel (and evil) way to fund-raise. Won't give the pastor your tax refund? No communion for you!
  • Sonja suggests that readers in Seattle, WA, might want to catch the Star Wars Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.
  • As you surely know, in one of the most absurd things he's done so far, Obama hosted a bullying conference. Yet, kids bullying kids is a now a Federal issue. With all that's going on, this is what O stepped off the golf course to do. He was proud of it, too — my mailbox was full of braggy emails from the White House about it, to my disgust.  All that's going on, and this is what our Federal government focuses on. And now the punchline:
  • We're still waiting for the President's anti-bullying denunciation of THIS.
  • You could say, "I am far, far too wealthy for my own good." Or you could say, "I (A) bought a $750,000 car... and (B) trashed it on purpose." (Thanks, Chris Carney.)
  • Sure. Chew your gum in church. The preacher sees...

  • ...or...
  • And so...


Sonja said...

Hurray! It's H&T Day!

Pastor Goodman will probably soon realize that the church will no longer need a new parking lot or for that matter the old parking lot.

Barbara said...

Now, I've heard of "The best thing since peanut butter" and "the best thing since sliced bread".

Now we have sliced peanut butter. That's it. There is no more better than that.

Pierre Saikaley said...

OT1H: The church members should probably be more supportive of the work of the church. Of course we don't know from the story just how much the people gave already. But we do know from a general trend in laity giving(or not-giving) that they(we) can be stingy.

OTOH: It's uncooth and inappropriate for the pastor to demand that people give out of their tax refund. It's downright magisterial to deny communion to the people for not schilling out from their hard earned refunds.

I hope their congregation resolves this problem by giving cheerfully and the pastor stops lording it over,and their parking lot gets built "in the black".

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

The video about the Iphone vid was blocked by OpenDNS!

So what about the members who owe taxes? Will the church pay?

The Union issue is going to get ugly. Several Wisconsin senators are facing recall efforts. Should be very interesting.

Aaron said...

@DJP: Be careful or you'll have members handing out pieces of hubba bubba before your sermon.

Wendy said...

That last image about the playing cats was too funny. My cats don't necessarily try to play at night, but one will sit down right next to my face, purr like a diesel and drool. Waking up to little wet droplets isn't fun. :)

Barbara, I think the *only* thing that could get better than that is sliced nutella.

Sir Brass said...

Piere, I'm certain that church doesn't subscribe to the LBCF 1689, but still, it's interesting to read what the confession says regarding the withholding of the elements of the Lord's Supper from professing Christians (bolding mine):

Chapter 30, paragraph 3:
"The denial of the cup to the people, worshipping the elements, the lifting them up, or carrying them about for adoration, and reserving them for any pretended religious use, are all contrary to the nature of this ordinance, and to the institution of Christ."

Who'da thunk a counter-papist statement would nail a health & wealth huckster to the wall? :)

RT said...

Regrettably, DJP, you overlooked the article next to the one about the church parking lot, to wit: "Pole Dancing for Jesus." Possibly Pastor Goodman could look to more creative fund-raising opportunities besides withholding communion.

Paula Bolyard said...

Perhaps Dan Quayle is just being patriotic? I mean, the less Obama is running the country, the better off we'll be, right? So maybe Quayle's comments are just a clever ploy to encourage him to stop doing anything remotely presidential-for the good of the country!

Susan said...

LOL, Wendy...sliced Nutella! Never saw that coming and would love to actually see it! :D

And that "coffee is good for us [females]" article makes me happy. I'm a frequent (not every-day) coffee drinker and an absolute tea junkie (since I was a wee child, thank you). Really think I've ODed on caffeine from both beverages all these years. A fellow worker from a similar tea-drinking culture perhaps said it best when I suggested coffee in response to his complaint of needing energy this morning:

"Coffee!? I'll fall asleep!!"

P.D. Nelson said...

Regarding IPones isn't more correct to say that the device created by that gentleman actually "did" the thing and not the IPone? I'm fairly certain that it could have worked with anything that provided a video feed.

DJP said...

Perhaps. But the point is, it wasn't done with any other device, Mr. Jealous.