Friday, March 16, 2012

What I'm doing instead of Hither and Thither

Frank Turk has the two-word answer ready. We'll get to it.

As you can easily imagine, any time I've ever talked to a church about pastoring, or even about pastoring a church, one question is sure to pop up:

"Will you keep blogging?"

I've always given the same answer, and you can all probably recite it like a catechism. I've always said that I expect I would, but the local church ministry would always come first — because, after all, Jesus did not institute blogging per se, but He did institute the church. And, as I've always told folks who write me for personal counsel, while I may be a pastor, I'm not your pastor; he's who you should be talking to.

So now, hey presto! I am someone's pastor. I am the guy I'd be telling them to talk to.

For me, the joyful responsibility of pastoring Copperfield Bible Church officially began last Monday. One of the folks I'd been looking forward to knowing better was a lively, brightly-smiling older gentleman, a veteran and a teacher, named Glenn. Before my trip out here, I'd been saddened to learn was in the hospital, and my family prayed for him. So Monday, I spent some time with him, followed by another visit Tuesday, after which I visited his wife at her home.

The next day, Glenn passed away, to my sorrow.

What I'm doing instead of HTing this week, then, is preparing for that funeral, as well as for my installation sermon on Sunday and a number of series and sermons to come. And just getting situated and up to speed.

Once the dust settles and I get my bearings, if the church ministry allows, I expect to be more regular. But HT is really time-consuming, following up the many links and leads I'm sent and doing my own. Though it's a favorite and I enjoy it, it's likely the first thing to go.

Hope you understand, and I hope you'll pray for Glenn's widow Dorothy, for my church, for my family, and for me.

So I hope to return to HT soon, but hope you'll understand that I'm hip-deep in other things right now...

...wait for it... ministry.



Cathy M. said...

I'm usually lurk, but I wanted to chime in and say how glad I am you had a chance to fellowship with this dear brother before he went home. I pray the gospel heard by his family at the funeral will comfort the saved and call the lost.

Kay said...

I was waiting for the Like Ministry pay off and you didn't disappoint :-D

Way to launch into the deep end, though, my prayers for you all; fellowship, family and pastor.

Gabby said...

God bless you, Dan, as you prepare for your first sermon in your new home and as you attend to the task of burying one of your new flock. I prayed for you as Paul requested they pray for him, that words may be given to you, and that you would open your mouth with boldness and make known the mystery of the gospel, for which you are an ambassador. (although not in chains, yet)

Scot said...

Though it's a favorite and I enjoy it, it's likely the first thing to go.

But but but but but but but but but but but but but but but but Friday's won't be the same.

< / jest>

I do have a serious question: Are the good folks at Copperfield going to put your sermons online? I wouldn't mind following a series if it's a topic I'm unfamiliar with.

I prayed for Dorothy and her family this morning.

DJP said...

Yep, that's the plan.

Burrito34 said...

Well, Bro. Dan I have mixed feelings. I'm sad to see that we won't see as much of you as before online, gonna miss H & T, but I'm overjoyed that you have a church to pastor now. Will be praying for your ministry and I'll try to catch a sermon online every now and then.

Best wishes,

DJP said...

I don't think this is goodbye! Just pray for me to discipline and prioritize wisely; that'll help immensely, regardless.

Rachael Starke said...

Oh my goodness. How many years have we all been looking forward to you ending a post that way. Can't handle the awesome.

H and T was always a guilty pleasure for me - shirked more than one more serious responsibility browsing through it on the weekends. So I consider this an answer to my own prayers for more diligence and discipline myself.

Unknown said...

Welcome to your new church and the whole gamut of life, death, and ministry together with the dear souls God has placed in your care. We will be fine without HT. They need you. Your family needs you.

If it means your blogging must take a back seat for a season whilst you find your bearings, follow joyfully where your Great Shepherd leads.

If it means your blogging must take a seat at the far end of a very deep cave with little chance of seeing daylight again, follow joyfully where your Great Shepherd leads.

It is good for you to be serving a church. Continue to make them your priority as well as your own family and ... follow joyfully where your Great Shepherd leads.


Herding Grasshoppers said...


That is exactly what I would have expected you to say. AMEN.

Praying for you, the church, and "Mrs. Glenn".


Robert said...


I knew Glenn and am glad that he is in the presence of our heavenly Father now. He was always such an ecnouragement...very pleasant and always smiling. My wife and I both enjoyed speaking with him while we were at CBC and I am glad that you did get to meet and speak with him. I think every church needs the encouragement that he provided.

As for H&T, I don't think I'll miss it much so long as I know there is a faithful undershepherd watching over the flock at CBC. I hope that you have a long tenure that brings much fruit and growth to CBC and northwest Houston in general.

Who knows? Maybe this will make me post on my own blog more than once every couple of months!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new pastorate.

Stefan Ewing said...


Congratulations on your new calling in your new church home.

To everything there is a season, and praise God that you had time to spend with this saint before he was called home, and that you can now minister to his family more fully, having known him.

lee n. field said...

What I'm doing instead of HTing this week, then, is preparing for that funeral, as well as for my installation sermon on Sunday and a number of series and sermons to come. And just getting situated and up to speed.

I was going to say, "don't you have work to do?".

(we understand)

Tom Chantry said...

But wait a wife's grandpa manages to point out every time I see him that pastors only work one day a week, so, there ought to be time for H&T in there somewhere, right?

(It's OK, I still love Grandpa and pray for him.)

Maybe you could just, you know, give up showering except on Sunday Morning. You're a blogger, or, as Chris Rosebrough says, a "Maternal-Basement-Dwelling-Opinion-Giver," so it isn't like it would matter that much.

Or you could just have Phil Johnson ghost-write all your Pyro stuff for you. He can't be all that busy; he works for a big church. (Now that you're a pastor in a regularly-sized church, you get to just assume that big-church pastors get paid 500K per year and play nine rounds of golf per week.)

Actually, I've seen this post coming. Ministry is like that. Periodically people write to me to ask if I'm OK and I just laugh - ministry can take over quite unexpectedly.

I am convinced that our God, who directs all events, will oftentimes direct the events of the church in such a way as to make the pastor realize that he is going to have to rely on Him rather than anything else. A funeral in the first week of your ministry there is no surprise, really.

As you no doubt know, while death is a hateful curse and a heartless enemy, the funerals of the saints - particularly the older saints - can be a great time of blessing. The God of Glen is not only the Comfort of his friends and family, He is also their great Need and their only Hope.

Merrilee Stevenson said...

The Stevenson household is praising the Lord with you, knowing that you are well-equipped for the ministry. I ditto Rachael's confession about H&T being a guilty pleasure and all. I guess I'll have to start reading the news feeds and bacon-related recipe blogs myself. Or I could follow your example and redeem the time by finding things to do that have eternal what Frank Turk said.

We're still looking forward to reading your posts of a more serious note, even if they happen to come less frequently, Pastor Dan. :o D

Unknown said...

"The God of Glen is not only the Comfort of his friends and family, He is also their great Need and their only Hope."

Amen Pastor C.