Friday, March 20, 2009

Hither and thither — 3/20/09

The world's not getting any less weird. Here's some proof, and more:
  • Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of silence for... Spacebat. Reader Laura Kelleher brought to my attention the saga of the noble mammal.
  • Staying with animals — whoa. This lady is serious about cats. I mean serious. On that site, you can find lengthy, detailed explorations of feline communications ("cat chat"), emotions, and body language.
  • Here's some fun for our homeschoolers (and anyone else), thanks to Gil Sebenste. It's a Geography Knowledge test, very nicely done — and when I say "fun" I mean "high potential for humiliation." I knew less-than-diddly about geography prior to homeschooling our two oldest. Since then, I know continents and stuff! Whee!
  • Thanks to reader Carol Jean from a meta, we have a "copy" of the letter the Obama White House is using to shop around for a new home church for The One (courtesy of the spoofers at Sacred Sandwich).
  • Great to know, isn't it, that President Obama has terrorism in perspective?
  • That being the case, I'm sure Obama is going to get right on this: terrorist training camps in the US. (Thanks to a reader who prefers to remain anonymous.)
  • Another thing Obama has is a teleprompter — and now the teleprompter has a blog! (H-t Fred Butler.)
  • And Boy Oh Boy, Does He Need That Teleprompter! I'm sorry, but my gosh what a tone-deaf idiot the man can be. "Can't we all?" you reply. Yes, yes indeed. But the higher the office, the greater the responsibility to curb that tongue (cf. principle of James 3:1-5). Maybe he'll send the Special Olympians a stack of DVDs or something.
  • Perhaps its that The One believes those children should have been aborted. You know, so as not to "punish" their parents.
  • It does provide another telling point of contrast between Obama and Palin.
  • Oh, and on the DVDs with which Obama insulted our allies in Great Britain. On top of everything else, they are completely useless to him, being the wrong kind for British players. The incompetence is staggering. Foolish, foolish voters.
  • Graphic proof that your suspicions about movie popcorn are correct.
  • Well... I guess it was nice of him to warn everyone.
  • Making another bold entry to The History of Dumb Ideas, the SciFi channel is changing its name to "SyFy." Yeah, and maybe I'll change the blog-name to "Bibbi-Chai." That should do it.
  • Isn't that nice? Justin Taylor finds liveblogging noteworthy. Hear, hear. Justin has one of the finest Christian blogs on the internet, a real gift to us all, and I profit immensely from it.
  • And again, but with a completely different referent, I say Hear! Hear! (Well, or, actually, I'd rather not.) Logos Christian Academy has a similar policy.
  • Sometimes it's fun to poke the haters. So: here's an article claiming that Internet Explorer 8 (just released) "leapfrogs" Firefox 3. Have fun! Bring popcorn! I haven't tried it yet. And my work is still on — no, I'm not kidding — IE6. So I use Firefox, except where it doesn't work. (It's also on Office 2003, but I am perfectly happy about that. There's nothing about 2007 that I like.)
  • Touching story of a mother's love. Rachel Crossland was forced to choose between possible death for herself and certain death for her babies. She chose the former — and got life for both.
  • Just to give you a Whoa! Brr-r-r! moment: do you know this guy?
Sure you do.
  • Weird but True department: Spider Man? Most of you know the Brown Recluse spider. It's one of those bad ones, and by "bad" I mean that its bite can kill. But not this guy. "This guy" is David Blancarte, who was a paraplegic... until a Brown Recluse spider bit him. Now he's walking.
  • Well... not so much. He walked some. Then he got arrested. Bummer.
  • Tell me what I mean when I say "poor people." For extra credit, tell my why that's not a compassionate society.
  • Sometimes, you just have to go for the "Awwww!" This is one of those times!
  • And....


CR said...

You know, from here on out, I'm tempted to say, rather than "President Obama" states, or "President Obama" said, I'm tempted to just say, "The Obama teleprompter stated..." In the spirit of giving people credit, that's a Rush Limbaugh thing.

Seriously though, the President is a complete gaffe without his teleprompter. Specifically though, what he is bad at doing is not being able to calculate or hide his real feelings without a teleprompter. I mean, he totally insulted disabled people yesterday with his special olympics comment. He can apologize however he wants but his speech speaks volumes. The reason why he uses the teleprompter is because what he says is very calculated. He doesn't want to come out and say everything that is in his core, so uses the teleprompter.

This man is a mean-spirited bad man. You want to know what the President really believes in, watch him on comments made without teleprompter - e.g. - insulting the disabled, he believes Constitution has a number of flaws that are still reflected today, and he wants to spread the wealth.

Trinian said...

I humbly suggest that the Sci-Fi Channel instead change its name to ΨΦ (Psi-Phi).

DJP said...

Well, you know that I'm going to love that.

Becky Schell said...

I now have a new file in my bookmarks with the name: >^..^<

Michelle said...

Wow, serious about cats indeed. I like cats, but that's waaay more than I would ever care to know about them. The website has clocked over 8 millions hits!

I'm curious to know if she ever had children. I've noticed that often the maternal instinct is directed towards feline or canine pets in the absence of human offspring.

The Squirrel said...

Spacebat ]c*: - fly on, little Fledermaus, fly on!

(Look, Ma! No Y's) As for the SciFi channel's name change; There is a reason whi official aficionados of the genre use the abbreviation “sf” - sci fi has always been used as a derogatori term for Holliwood whizbangeri with absolutli no science content.

Chuck, Dude, what happened to the hair? Still scary, though.

I'm getting used to Office 2007, but that doesn't mean I like it...


The Squirrel

Aaron said...

POINT 1: One of the reasons for the name change:

Mr. Brooks said that when people who say they don’t like science fiction enjoy a film like “Star Wars,” they don’t think it’s science fiction; they think it’s a good movie.

I'll interpret. People are uneducated idiots so we needed a name that was trendy to fool them.

I didn't know the channel was owned by NBC Universal (whose parent is the abomination called GE).

POINT 2: I am using all MS 2007 on my personal computer (I get the programs for practically free). But at work I'm using 2003. It's tough to go back and forth.

POINT 3: I guess because I don't blog I don't care about which browser I use. And personally, I hate browser toolbars because I find them to be cluttery. But maybe I should checkout these various browsers. I'm not sure how I would notice if one browser were faster than another considering that I get instaneous responses on IE 7.

Fred Butler said...

Thanks for the kudos.

That teleprompter site is killing me.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Dan, Dan, Dan...

another amazing week.

And may I just say THANK YOU for that news clipping from Florida. If the school can suspend a student for "tooting", just think what a homeschool can do ;)

Kudos to Rachel Crossland. We should pray for her recovery - that the delay in treatment won't be a problem.

"Too fat to work"... I'm shaking my head...

And space bat, oh courageous space bat!

Yep. I'm in for another moment of cool momness. Until I drop the bomb about tooting...


DJP said...

Yes well, ahem, one homeschooling dad had at least one student copy a sentence to the effect, "I will not pass gas in public."

Carol Jean said...

OK - forgive my sophomoric sense of of humor, but as a homeschooling mom who often has a house full of teenage boys here, I am laughing hysterically about that poor boy in Lakeland. Especially since it appears he has also been BANNED FROM THE SCHOOL BUS for similar offenses. This reported on the Cleveland news station.

"It wasn't even me," Locke said. "It was a kid who sits in front of me."

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! Just what is needed in a week with so much grim economic news.

DJP said...

Wow. Poor kid's going to get crates of Bean-O.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh wait, there's something even funnier than Beano...

Now introducing (you can imagine the mileage my boys get out of this :

Subtle Butt

Ta Daaaa

Carol Jean said...

"Subtle Butt...Two adhesive strips are strategically placed so you know which side is which"

Seeing as I am rather famous around these parts for my award-winning 5-alarm chili, I would seriously consider this for my brood!

My question would be what exactly do they mean by "disposable"? Is it like underwear on a guys' camping trip? (inside, outside, backward, and forward - 4 uses, one pair) Or one per day? If so, I suppose it would be too pricey in this economy and with the "issues" we have around here. Seriously, we're talking the room-clearing variety!

DJP said...

I can't believe where this meta has gone.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Says a man with three sons...

The meta is like your blog Dan; eclectic.

From Obama to methane. Or is that - to use your word - a hendiadys?


(A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.)

CR said...

I thought I would share with all your readers the differences between President Obama's mean-spirited insulting joke against the Special Olympics and Gov. Palin's gracious and complementary address to the Special Olympics.

There is no nice way to say this and this may get me in trouble but you unrepentant Obama voters should be ashamed of yourselves for what you have done.

The Squirrel said...

Some more thoughts on the "too fat to work" thing. Throughout history, poor folks have had to struggle to get enough food to survive. Even now, in parts of Africa, Asia, Central and South America, people are worried about getting enough food for today. But God has so blessed us here in the West that our poor people are fat!

Subtle Butt - ain't technology just GRAND!

The Squirrel

Gilbert said...

First, Dan says he can't believe where the meta has gone, and then he posts an article about...IE8 being SECURE?


Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it NOW!

There. Your favorite browser, owned.

Cute cats. Allergic to all of them.

Gilbert said...


You hit it right on with the President. He speaks very well extemparaneously, he really does. It just that when he speaks from the heart, it is vile.

If GWB said that, you'd can bet Dems would be "outraged". And rightfully so.

candy said...

America has Muslim terrorist training camps and yet a chaplain in Florida is banned from saying the word, "God" or "Lord". Something wrong with this picture.

If a kid in my class passed gas in order to distract, I would be a glaring stern teacher and that kid would cower under my gaze.

Charlie Manson finally cut his unruly hair I see. Probably hoping to look presentable for the Parole Board so he can live at a halfway house with the newly released Guatanomo Bay inmates which are coming to a neighborhood near you.

Aaron said...

Is Logos Christian Academy your name for your "homeschool?"

There are a lot of homeschoolers around these parts, aren't there? It sure brings up vivid and undesireable memories of my youth.

I think Obama's remark related to the Special Olympics was stupid but he intended to insult disabled people. It is ironic that it would come from the figurehead of the party that is all about sensitivity and political correctness. The comment was insensitive and stupid, but I don't think we should overexxagerate it.

BTW, what browser or system cannot be "owned" if a hack really wanted to?

Gilbert said...


>BTW, what browser or system
>cannot be "owned" if a hack
>really wanted to?

Fair question.

Answer: none. BUT, it should take longer than 3 seconds to a few minutes.

We've compromised safety with convenience. A "just push a button and go" society makes one complacent. There are some people who shouldn't own a driver's license because of how they drive (talking about major infractions, such as driving drunk, ignoring traffic signals), but there are many more who have no business surfing the Internet and doing online banking until they know what they are doing. And as a sysadmin, I've also had my browser hacked. It's scary to think how careful I usually am with browsing and yet I got nailed. And then people click on "Take a look at these party pictures!" and they head for disaster. You shouldn't get "owned" from clicking on that. The browser should know not to run an executable file like that.

I have my browser kidding/ that when DJP's Gravatar pops up, the browser tells me it might not be safe.
I click on "no, it's scary around Dan, but we love him anyway", the browser agrees, and then shows his picture. ;-)

P.D. Nelson said...

Dan I am with you regarding Firefox but unfortunately where I work they had a mandatory change over to Office 2007. Hate it with a passion especially since most of the macros I created for specialty excel sheets now do not work and I must recreate them. Good luck on staying with 2003.

Anonymous said...

I was about to say that the 'letter' from Obama forgot to mention, "If we played bowling, would you give me a handicap?" or something like that. I'm surprised they didn't jump on that one.

The guy walking after getting bit reminds me of the old man from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame after getting freed from a cage. "I'm free, I'm free!" *falls in a stockade*

Oh! The otters are adorable! I actually have that video on my favorites on YouTube:

God bless!

Dave .... said...

Come on, Dan, tell us how you really feel.

Sacramento Tea Party, at the capitol, April 15, noon to 3. Be there or be taxed. Well, that will probably happen anyway.


DJP said...

Aaron - yes.

Aaron said...


Yes people should learn to drive first. But then those people who do know how to drive ought to stop driving 35 mph in the fast lane because of their paranoia.

Aaron said...


That's cute.

Kay said...

The Obama Olympics thing had me spitting feathers. I didn't even realize my contempt for the man could increase, and lo! It did.

And surely everyone knows about the difference between NTSC and PAL? It's the bain of my life when trying to get hold of US region DVDs and videos.

SyFy is so, so bad, I can't even say. Except to say my Polish neighbours probably won't be tuning in.

In unrelated news, I met Tedd Tripp today *does snoopy dance* Might even blog it later, too.

candy said...

We have a tea party at our capital on April 15 too.

DJP said...

Libbie, do.

Solameanie said...

Every time I see Charles Manson, I mix up the California gas chamber and an Alka-Seltzer commercial.

"Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh, what a relief it is."

I know. I'm a sick puppy.

Susan said...

Thanks, Dan, for that geography quiz link. It looks very up-to-date and is very educational! I had a lot of fun doing some of the quizzes tonight. Guess homeschooling doesn't have to be just for kids, either!

(Oh, and my word verification is "mazes". The continent quiz on Australia/Oceania countries certainly looked like mazes to me--I had to call it quits on account of a tired brain.)

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DJP said...

OSO asked me to tell you, "I just can't quit you!"

Nothing in his life, his world, his aspirations, fills the void that getting himself banned from this site left. Sure, there are (literally) tens of thousands of sites where he could do as he did here — rant without reading the post, snipe without ever admitting (much less correcting) his errors, advocate any trendy, anti-Biblical current that catches his eye — but he keeps being drawn back to this one, little, insignificant blog where he shows his self-absorbed arrogance every time he comments.

He asks that you not make the connection between his behavior and the kind of government he advocates. After all, he would not want you to imagine an armed government staffed with OSO's, all of them so convinced of their rightness that they will barge in and force their will on a nation full of helpless victims, just because they can.

As OSO keeps doing with us.