Monday, January 02, 2012

Monday music: classic drummers Krupa, Bellson, Hampton, Rich and more

Well folks, let's get the new year off to a toe-tappin' start.

Even though it's not the best quality, it's a classic and not to be missed:

If possible, even more fun in this meetup of Louie Bellson, Lionel Hampton and Don Lamond:


Doug Hibbard said...

Two things:

#1: After the first video, YouTube recommends a link to a Muppet Show clip of Buddy Rich v. Animal and that's quite good.

#2: These guys show that you can rock and wear a suit. That's impressive.

JackW said...

I think Ginger could hang with them, though probably not in a suit.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

My boys call that "Jumpy Music", as in "makes you want to jump up and move".

Kerry James Allen said...

And Buddy Rich had a black belt in karate. With that speed he would raise lumps on your head quicker than you could rub them!