Friday, January 23, 2009

Hither and thither 1/23/09

And then there's this:
  • John Stossel points out that liberals like Obama are largely anti-choice. (Similar to the point I made here.)
  • If you ever find yourself tempted to elevate your estimation of Obama voters, read this. Poor moonbat's disappointed in Obama. Not because he's an empty suit who's all charisma and image and no good substance — though the writer admits as much. No; it's because Obama lacks moral courage. "Oh, that's good," you say. "He surely does!" Yes, true. But you think "moral courage" would be repenting of his insane pro-abort extremism, or figuring out that sodomy isn't marriage or anything like it, or such things. No no no. "Moral courage," to this poor soul, means prosecuting the Bush administration for war crimes. And so, you see: BDS rules all, and may be incurable by normal, secular means.
  • The hands that cast that pro-Obama vote may soon be blood-stained, as we long and often warned they would be. None can claim to be surprised; Obama was quite up-front in his pro-infanticide extremism.
  • A study confirms what I've long heard: that a major reason for abortion was lack of supportive partner/father. Now, before God's throne, nobody is going to be able to say "He made me sin." Adam and Eve both tried it, and it didn't float. HSAT, each abortion will have more than one set of bloody hands.
  • See why existentialists make lousy board games.
  • Oh no! A reporter irritated The One! President Obama "stared down" a reporter who dared ask a question he didn't like, provoking a testy little whine from the Commander in Chief. They will learn not to stretch out their hands against the Lord's anointed. But, eager to make up, a fawning worshiper with a camera burst out: "I'd like to say it one more time: 'Mr. President.'" Aww, isn't that sweet?
  • And yeah... I can't quite get used to it, either.


NoLongerBlind said...

In the Fox News article about OHB's "stare down", it seems more than interesting or "coincidental" that the link - in the small box on the right side - titled "News Media Spar with Obama Over Lack of Transparency" doesn't work!

Hmmmm.... is Free Speech soon to be a thing for those who agree with the "Party Line"?????

(conspiracy theorists, take note!) =;)

Libbie said...

eww, that account of Obama meeting the press reads like an embarrassing headteacher coming down to meet all the first year students and patting them all on the head. Did he bring a bag of sweeties to hand out?

"Ah, now come on, I just came down to get to know you guys, it's in poor taste to try to do your jobs when I'm just trying to be your pal. Hey everyone, who wants a jellybean?"

chrish said...

An EVAN-jellybean? :P I'm sure he's got no end of a supply of those...

JackW said...

Hey, everybody is happy, right? The press is happy, academia is happy, Hollywood is happy, the Socialcrat party is happy, and most happy of all are the many enemies that want to destroy us throughout the world. With all that happiness spreading around, who are we to complain?

DJP said...

Yep. The people who hate America worst, and most the distinctions of applied Biblical Christianity, are the happiest.

CR said...

DJP:The hands that cast that pro-Obama vote may soon be blood-stained, as we long and often warned they would be. None can claim to be surprised; Obama was quite up-front in his pro-infanticide extremism.

Did anyone else see how President Obama had to look to Greg Craig, his White Counsel, for details of the executive order he signed? Obama didn't even know what was on his executive order. He had to ask his White House counsel!

DJP said...

CR — I believe he did that with both of his first two stroke-of-a-pen/law-of-the-lands. Asked GC to explain and/or verify his understanding of them, then just repeated what GC said. Law professor, genius.

"Woe to you, O land, when your king is a child" (Ecclesiastes 10:16a).

Libbie, love your new profile picture.

Andrew Faris said...

Good stuff Dan- as always, I appreciate the combo of insight and wit.

I just wonder how long until a reporter can't contain himself and just runs up to him, drops his pen and paper and audio recorder, and bows at his feet, gracing them with kisses.

I really do hope the guy does well (not holding my breath), but more than anything now I just look forward to when the fawning and stops and expectations get realistic.

Rita Martinez said...

wow! thats a mean chihuahua right there!

is it too far fetched to think Obama may be the false-peace-bearer of Revelations!?

Gilbert said...


candy said...

The Associated Press reported that Obama took "No Divisive Stands" his first days in office.

DJP said...

Well then, there y'go. The MSM wouldn't ever lie... would they?

CR said...


I was kinda speachless when I read that headline from the AP. Rush Limbaugh calls AP - "Associated Press Obama" or just "AP Obama" Is there any wonder why?

Gilbert said...

The MSM didn't lie. Conservatives and Christians aren't intelligent beings, so they think---so among liberals, yes, it was absolutely undivided.

Did I just say that?

Did I just mean that?


Aaron said...


"is it too far fetched to think Obama may be the false-peace-bearer of Revelations!?"

I use to be fairly critical of people who use to shout that Obama was THE antichrist, but now I'm starting to rethink my position there.

Solameanie said...


If we are going to have any visits by headmasters from the UK here in the States, I hope they bring their canes with them. I can think of quite a few in Washington who would benefit from "six of the best."

Gilbert said...

Read between the lines on this one. Yikes!!!

That's just evil!